Thursday, November 29, 2007

Oh I wonder

Have you ever had those weeks where you think you have caught up on everything and all of a sudden you realize how far behind you are?

It's almost December.  I can't show you any of my finished knitting because it's all gifts and I am not willing to spoil the surprises.  

I am in no way shape or form ready for the holidays.  At. All.  I bought something for Big Brother.  I finished two other gifts.  Marky Mark keeps saying he's going to go get us a tree.  But he's about as behind as I am.

I need to have an ornament ready for Sunday and I have two kids home sick.  I think PeeWee may even have the flu, in spite of her flu shot.  Poor thing has been up in our bed all day dozing off and on, whimpering when she's awake, and watching cartoons when she's coherent.  Her little fever just won't break and it is killing me.  I remember the comfort in being up in your parents bed when you were home sick though so I am hoping that's some comfort to her.  She's a stinker when it comes to taking medicine, she spits it out and fights it completely.  So I can't even get Tylenol in her.  I'm just doing what I can to make her comfortable.  Poor little chicken.

Big brother was sick yesterday.  And I let it slide today.  He woke up feeling cruddy but is now catching up on all his homework.  He's going to school tomorrow no matter what.  Because if you are really sick you don't ask your mother to pick up sushi for lunch.  While you are watching TV and up and dressed.  I should have made him go in late but it really didn't matter today.  Tomorrow when he goes back in he has a detention.  So he'll start his day at 7am.  He'll be working in the kitchen.  Because he did something so stupid it was jaw dropping and opened up a can of worms and even though he undid the stupid thing, it opened the door for someone behind him to do something even stupider and blame it on Big Brother.  Confused?  Well, it was the workings of a 14 yr old boy's brain.  I'll leave it at that.  Because I am a mom and I refuse to use the language he used when typing something onto his teacher's computer which was projected onto the big screen at the front of the room when they got a 5 minute break.  He deleted it but someone else came in behind him and wrote something with a bit more flourish and said he did it.  (sigh)  The joys of high school.