Saturday, June 24, 2006

Back to knitting

I know- this is supposed to be somewhat about knitting. Well, life throws us curve balls every once in a while.

PeeWee came through the cardiac catheter with flying colors. Her doctor was very pleased with the results. She did very well and I can tell she seems much perkier. It was a long 24 hrs. I hate the hospital, but our PICU has been redone and it is very nice. Kind of like a hotel. Makes it easier on every body involved. PeeWee was ruling the place She decided in preop she had waited patiently enough for long enough, climbed off her bed and went for a walk. She was having a ball, her little diapered heiny hanging out of the back of her hospital gown. Quite the looker.

I had lots of knitting time, just as I had expected. I finished PeeWee's hospital socks just in time. I darned the toes just before they came out and said how well she had done and that we could go on up and see her in her room. I used some leftover Lorna's Laces called Happy, I think. I must learn to save ball bands..... I learned that hospital socks are quite slippery when a toddler decides she's going adventuring throughout her hospital room. I need to figure out a solution to that one

I worked on my exchangee's gifts too. Here's a peek! I love the colors I am working with. And WOW! is all I can say about Rowan's Polar. It is yummy. It is knitting beautifully and cozy as can be. I want a sweater from it. It's really delicious yarn. I like how it blends with the slate floors. I wish the texture of the knitting showed up in this picture. Oh well! It's just a sneak peek! I feeel a little better about getting the time to start working on this project. I worked on another thing for her, but the picture would just give it away completely. I am excited to finish these up and get them shipped! The ship date is going to be here before I know it! Nothing like a dealine to get me moving...

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


A little game of peek-a-boo with Big Brother the day he left town (2 weeks ago, I am a bad blogger...) is a nice way for them to pass the time. I love this picture!

Things here seem to jump from one major life event to another. I am learning that this is what's in the cards for me these days. If nothing else, I've become much more flexible and patient. But some days I'd rather I didn't have to be.

PeeWee is having a cardiac catheter in the morning to determine the extent of scarring in her conduit repair during open heart surgery 20 months ago. I am hoping they are able to stretch it out enough with a balloon catheter to buy us a little time before her next surgery. I will be spending the day at our hospital until she is released. That will most likely be early Friday morning. Just about 24 hrs. The procedure is about an hour for prep and an hour for the procedure. We bought her some new toys just for the hospital and a new stuffed doggy. A whole bag of goodies just for her. She'll be sedated a few hours after she's done, so I am packing a big bag of goodies to entertain me too. A bunch of knitting projects I really want to finish, including some socks for PeeWee to wear while we are there.

I had my own doctor's appt today and (shame on me) forgot to bring some knitting. About 5 blocks from home I almost turned around and went back but I was in a rush and, well, I was sure the sitter would think I am nuts. I got to the Dr's office and was told she was running late. They came and got me an hour and a half later. Brought me to the room. Sat in there another half hour. When my early morning appt was over it was lunchtime. All I kept thinking was how much knitting time I had wasted. I was across the street from a craft store and I kept wondering if I could get there and back before they called my name. Well, I could have, but that would have meant yet another project started!

I kept kicking myself as I looked through magazine after magazine all about Brangelina and Brittney and Jennifer and Vince. As lovely as they all are, they bored me.

Lesson learned? Leave knitting in the car at all times.

Friday, June 09, 2006


Home again home again- jiggity jig!

Last night laying in bed, My One and Only said to me 'it looks pretty good in here'. That's saying a lot since he never liked this house before, and the last thing he ever wanted was to come back to it.

All I have to do now is unpack. Oh yeah- that's real likely to happen right now. I am so tired my eyes are playing tricks on me.

I jumped out of bed at 5:30 to rush out and get what the plumber needs and it turns out he's a no show so far. Oh well, I hadn't actually spoken to him, just the girl in the office, and she said she'd see what they could do. Oh, and in case I offend anyone, she really was a super young sounding girl, not the regular woman I speak to most days.

Cabinets are all installed, just a bit of trim at the top of the cabinet to be done after a little wall patch. Things look great.

Pictures will have to wait... I have no idea where the thing that connects the computer to the camera could possibly be. But trust me, things look good around here!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Check another off my list

I finished the ugly socks! I can now pack them away. PeeWee loves them. She wants to wear them herself. What will I do when she demands only handknit socks? Why teach her to knit of course!

She has decided they are cozy enough to wear them as long shoulder length princess gloves. Gotta love it.
My One and Only wants them for himself. He has these thin legs and ankles, unlike my own thick ones, and the socks actually look good on him. His narrow feet make up for the length difference in our feet. Plus, when he tried them on a while back to humor me I decided to err on the long side with this pair. I had a feeling he might want to snag them for himself, they are so comfy.

Big Brother is leaving town soon to spend a couple of weeks with the rest of his family. We'll miss him, but it will definately give us a chance to get his stuff all organized for when he comes home. He'll be back for his birthday and that's what matters to me!

We're moving back into the flood zone Thursday and I am cleverly avoiding packing. I have several of those giant ziplok bags filling up with yarn. I'll get a shot before the movers put it on the van. It's comical. I really do have a problem... As many projects as I have been finishing, I can't believe how much yarn I have accumulated here since January! Some of it came back with us from our refugee days in North Carolina, but I have definately done some damage while here. It really says something that as I am picking out furniture, I am wondering to myself if it holds yarn. And how much. I need therapy...