Sunday, June 04, 2006

Check another off my list

I finished the ugly socks! I can now pack them away. PeeWee loves them. She wants to wear them herself. What will I do when she demands only handknit socks? Why teach her to knit of course!

She has decided they are cozy enough to wear them as long shoulder length princess gloves. Gotta love it.
My One and Only wants them for himself. He has these thin legs and ankles, unlike my own thick ones, and the socks actually look good on him. His narrow feet make up for the length difference in our feet. Plus, when he tried them on a while back to humor me I decided to err on the long side with this pair. I had a feeling he might want to snag them for himself, they are so comfy.

Big Brother is leaving town soon to spend a couple of weeks with the rest of his family. We'll miss him, but it will definately give us a chance to get his stuff all organized for when he comes home. He'll be back for his birthday and that's what matters to me!

We're moving back into the flood zone Thursday and I am cleverly avoiding packing. I have several of those giant ziplok bags filling up with yarn. I'll get a shot before the movers put it on the van. It's comical. I really do have a problem... As many projects as I have been finishing, I can't believe how much yarn I have accumulated here since January! Some of it came back with us from our refugee days in North Carolina, but I have definately done some damage while here. It really says something that as I am picking out furniture, I am wondering to myself if it holds yarn. And how much. I need therapy...