Monday, May 29, 2006

9 months

It's like an overdue baby around here.

I don't do overdue. The nesting instinct kicked in. I scoured the bathrooms, sorted through the piles that have accumulated in the kids' rooms, and sorted through most of the huge mess of odds and ends that ended up in my closet. Most of it is being donated. I am being brutal with my clothes.

I decided that I'd rather have yarn in the closet than clothes that remind me I am much chubbier than I should be. I kept things I loved when they fit, and will love again when I am back in them. Everything else is being set free. Maybe it's the loss of so many things I would really like back that has made it easier to get rid of things I don't love. I also know they will be much appreciated and well used wherever they end up.

Today I will be back over there touching up paint in PeeWee's closet so I can start putting things up on her shelves. I also need to get cracking on Big Brother's room. I am making a run to pick up all sorts of cleaning supplies. I am ready to get the floors all mopped. The bathrooms were all scoured yesterday. It was such a psychological lift. We're really moving home soon! I have to keep reminding myself of that.

I have not picked up needles. My brain is too scattered to actually knit. Which means I should definately knit. I have something fun in mind for my exchange buddy and am hoping the yarn store is open so I can get what I need to get started on her... shhhhh! I'm not telling. I love surprizes for people. I love the idea of something for her home. I want to make something very warm and fuzzy. I did dip into the yarn stash at the house but the perfect thing was not in there. A sweater that survived (even though it was dangling right over the water) did suggest being ripped out to be remade into what I'm planning, but some part of me thought better of this. Too much ick factor there. I am going to use it for something for Big Brother's room- just make sure it's good and felted. He'll probably think it's funny.