Sunday, May 07, 2006

Another pair of socks!

Since I have convinced myself we're in the homestretch with rebuilding, Big Brother and I have been cleaning the house. He wanted a new skateboard so he's working it off with a mop. I was pleasantly surprized to find that the sheetrock dust wiped right off of the finished stair treads. They look great. We're back to a no shoes except downstairs rule. And no shoes anywhere after the painters are done. I still need to mop up the dust upstairs, but it's all vacuumed and clean(er). The plan is to be home before June. I am meeting the cabinet installer this afternoon to get things squared away with him. Hopefully we'll have cabinets installed by the first week in June. I've been told I'm getting baseboards installed by My One and Only for Mother's Day. Not going to hold my breath because he's been under the weather this week. But, that would make me the happiest mom around.

The orange socks are done. They are so comfy that I'm wearing them even though I have the A/C running. I think I am going to knit a hat top-down with what's left of the yarn since I have no idea how far it'll go. That way it'll fit whoever has the right sized head. I cast on the Kool-aid sweater. Even though I told myself no more new projects until we're home. I guess I figure finishing two things somehow lets me start something new. I also finished a blue cotton kerchief. Double points for that project- it was leftover yarn. Not sure it'll ever see the light of day but I may use it to keep my hair out of my face aound the house. There's a good chance it'll go into Pee-Wee's dress-up box.