Monday, September 22, 2008

Preemie Knitting Contest

Over at the new website!

The Preemie Knitting Contest sign up is up.

(Don't forget to update the RSS feed if you're following along.)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Launch Time!

Technology is my friend.  I think.

The website is up and functioning properly.  I think.

Hop over there for the new blog!

Monday, July 28, 2008

One WIP down

Good advice.  

Camp is over for PeeWee.  Big Brother went to DC until the 13th on an adventure with family there.  I hope he's having a great time, because I am pretty sure I'm not going to hear from him.  Marky Mark made it home so it has been Camp Daddy this weekend.  We have a slew of projects lined up to keep us busy the next month, including a bit of travel time I am excited about.  

It's a good thing because this:

is pretty much the scene here every day.  Getting a little tired of it but at least we seem to be back to our normal summer rain levels.  If you check the weather channel we have thunderstorms every day.  

So we're doing a lot of this:

And while PeeWee naps I get time to knit!  

I have finished her little tunic.  I actually had enough yarn to make it a dress and still could but for now I am so sick of that little cotton yarn that I am done.  I'll hang onto the other ball and be sure to keep track of it and when I feel up to it I'll go ahead and make it longer, turning it into a dress.  For now it's a tunic and she loves it.  Slept in it in fact.  It's not blocked yet and a little lumpy looking.

I'm pleased with it.  I used the raglan sweater for a 26" chest from Ann Budd's Handy Little Book of Sweaters.  I use those reference books of hers all the time.

Updates on the other WIPs coming soon...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

There's a lot more room in here now

So, for the last few weeks I have been in that awful half cleaned house state.  Where everything is pulled out and nothing is put in the new tidy space yet- Spring Cleaning a few months late.

That was how I noticed the excessive number of WIPs and UFOs around here.  They were stuffed everywhere.  So were balls of yarn and projects to begin when another is finished.

Yarn and needles in drawers, alongside some other weird things waiting for homes.  I have ideas, just not the time for execution.

Out of place craft/idea books, I pull them out of the closet and they seem to never get back up the stairs.  They're put away now.

The crafty things that get stuffed into closets, corners and drawers.  These were the things from most of downstairs... when you gather them up it's surprising!

And then there's the TV room.  I had a few things in there, too.  Granted, except for the crewel and the cabbage needlepoint this stuff was tucked away in the drawer, so it's not like I've been actively looking at all this clutter.  (Michelle, I know this is killing you...)

I figured out that I have a lot of things to frog but not so many to actually keep as WIPs.  I'm hanging on to PeeWee's dress, which is going to have to turn itself into a shirt because I don't have enough of the yarn for a dress, since she keeps shooting up like a weed!  PeeWee's dress/shirt is my priority right now. It's straight stockinette all the way until I split things for the raglan sleeves so I hope I can make some good progress on that. It's going to be hot here until October so she'll get wear out of it but I want to be sure she gets as much as possible.

Of course there's also the cardigan, which I won't need until October at least, and there are the cabbage needlepoint, needing the yarn for the background, and the dragonfly needlepoint, which needs a little doctoring.  I'm really unhappy with the background.  Ripping knitting or crochet is a lot easier than ripping needlepoint.  I have to use a seam ripper for that.  And pick and pick while hoping I am not stretching out the canvas.  I can usually ignore something that looks off but this time it looks plain weird to have such a big background on the ornament so it is going to have to be ripped out.  The crewel is about halfway done at this point.  It is soft colors I would never have chosen but love.  It's for Marky Mark for Christmas.  It matches out room.

I promise pics of the WIPs soon.  My battery is charging for the camera.  So next post, the actual WIPs I am keeping.

Monday, July 21, 2008

WIPs in every corner...

All I am going to say is WOW.

I am going to need a larger container....

more later...

and pictures...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Not only do I have bling..

I am a winner too:

Thanks Michelle!

So the 7 blogs I'm going to send this award on to are:
Moscow Daily Photo  since I really enjoy the daily peek across the world to one of those places I would love to return to one day...
Christy  A mis-placed Louisiana girl
Christina  she skydives!  and knits!  and lives down the street (just about)
Beak's Handmade Blog  I love this daily peek into another Mommy's world
Rhonda who I think needs all the good vibes one can get right now
Tammy who entertains me endlessly with the tales of her boys
and Sara who thinks like me.

I would give it to all my blogland loves, but I had to pick 7, which was not easy since I would have liked to have passed it on to about 27.  But that's a lot of links.  And If I'm reading you daily I think you're brilliant anyway.

In the creative world right now I am still chugging away on the back of the cardigan.  It is my traveling/waiting knitting so it's just moving along.  Nothing exciting to show.  Light teal yarn.

I started an embroidery project, against my better judgement.  Somehow my hands just got started.  It's crewel really.  And pretty.  And a gift, so under wraps for now.  

I'm feeling the need to start a pair of socks but am fighting it.  I am going to contain all my half done projects and see what I can actually wrap up and finish.  I mean opening all the drawers, containers, window seats, etc and gathering the WIPs in one place.  I know the ones that are in the back of my mind and am sure there are little unfinished things tucked away that I forgot about also.  I'll probably be shocked.  I promise to share my shame.

I'm thinking a big plastic tub because I can not go into the attic and get out the cedar chest because it is 1) way too hot up there 2) too heavy for me to get it without a band of merry men 3) there is no where to put it, I think that's why it's in the attic.  It came with the house.  I may offer Big Brother an obscene amount of money to do it.  He'd need a helper.  Just going up there deserves a chunk of cash in my mind.  I'd certainly rather look at the cedar chest than a plastic tub any day.

Yesterday PeeWee and I went to an Ice Cream Social.  Since I hate to leave you without something cute to look at here she is loving her treat!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I said I was going to paint myself some ornaments, didn't I?

Here's my shiny and fun dragonfly, almost done being stitched, too.  I'm going to bring the yellow out a bit more around the wings so there's not too much weight at the bottom, and because I like it so much.  I had a thin outline around the tail but I figured there was simply no stuffing something so narrow and decided to beef it up a bit and it's looking like it needs it all around.  This is totally something I would have bought in a shop.  I've got it all charted out so I may paint up a few to see the response.

Yes, that's my cabbage pillow.  No it has not lost it's allure.  I really wanted to get the ornament finished so I can get it sent out through the woman who might decide to carry them.  Or not.  So I put it ahead of the pillow.  

The huge frog?  Yes, I know it is truly disgusting and in spite of my frog phobia it lives happily alongside us here.  I hate frogs, they are just the nastiest things out there, they make my stomach turn and heart race but I am given frogs all the time.  I kid you not.  How this huge phobia has passed unnoticed I have no idea but I get frogs from everyone.  This beauty was a gift from a good friend who laughed and was really surprised I have these issues.  Charming, huh?  And, as you can tell, huge.

Just for good measure, since it has been a while since the kids have made it on here, a picture of PeeWee.  Today was a swim day at camp so off she went all dressed to go!  Sassy little pirate that she is.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Christmas in July

I met with a friend who has a needlepoint project for me to paint out on canvas for her as quickly as I can get it wrapped up, and I have another canvas to paint up for a friend so I also picked up some canvas for myself and I want to see how many times I can say canvas in a run-on sentence, so just for good measure, I got some canvas to make PeeWee a needlepoint rug for her doll house and I got her an adorable ladybug canvas made just for kids.

Here she is stitching away!  She's watched me enough times to actually be pretty proficient.  Especially for a little 3 and a half year old.  It makes a mother proud.  I think we'll have this one framed when she's all finished with it.  The stitches are already going in every direction but that's fine with me, she's doing this one all by herself.

Next craft to teach her is knitting.  I'm waiting until she is 4 for that, simply so I can actually have the patience.  I want to be sure she gets it.  She wants to learn, I just think she is a few stages away from being able to fully grasp the action.  The last thing I want to do is frustrate her so we're leaving that alone for now.

Our tree is going to be some fun and handmade from now on. I do still pick up other ornaments but it's looking like the home made variety is going to be taking over before long. Granny is always stitching up ornaments for us as well so we get some great things come the holidays.  So far I have these back from the finisher:

There are 2 more out being done.  And I have the three I am painting for myself so we'll have a good amount of new needlepoint ornaments hanging this year.  Not to mention the felt ones I have been making.  Or the sewn ones I plan on making.

It's been a crafty day around here so far.  PeeWee and I had our regular breakfast at the coffee shop around the corner and when we got back we decided that Daddy has been on such serious PeeWee patrol this week that we would let him sleep in and read and laze around, like all good Daddies should get to once in a while.  More projects are up our sleeves for later today if we need to pull them out.

It's hard work to paint stars for gift tag ornaments.  When these dry we'll have them for another day to paint the other sides.  Eventually I'll put an eye screw on the tops and we can use them to wrap packages up for Christmas.  

I know, the "C" word.  I'm working on so many projects around here and I have a few things I am trying to get myself organized with for a professional idea that I am already thinking that far forward.  I have plans for a hand-made holiday for my family.  None of them need anything.  None of them want anything.  So it's hand made this year.

I'd show my cardigan so far but seriously, that would be boring.  It's a whopping 5 inches of stockinette back so I'll spare you, but know that real knitting is going on here.  The needlepoint cabbage, however, is heading into the home stretch.  I've got two colors left to stitch and then it's all background, which I will gladly do in an interesting stitch to make sure I both stick with it and that I am not blind from poking my eyes out with the needle.  

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

So I knit a gauge swatch

A real gauge swatch.  I really did!  And I cast off.  And I washed it and blocked it just like you are supposed to.  How about that.  Of course no pictures because it's a square of yarn.  I like seeing everyone else's but my own, hmmm, no.

I started the Shawl-Collard Cardigan last night and was surprised at the quit knit it is starting to be.  Hoping the speed keeps up but I like the drape and the style and in spite of my overwhelming urge to change the edging to a non-rolling garter stitch... I did not.  No I did not make that spelling mistake in the name of the sweater but since I have a weird love hate relationship with collard greens I could not help repeating it here.  I keep wondering if whoever wrote that up had some kind of experience with collard greens and had that stuck in their head.  Plus I think we're going to eat at a restaurant the NY Times raves about today where one of the side dishes is collard greens.  #3 on their list.  Somehow I do not think low-fat will be an option.

We've been working out a few healthier meals for this house.  That trip to Natchez about killed me with the excessive eating.  Once you start that it is hard to curb.  And I am not back-tracking.  Not that I've seen much movement on the scale lately but I am not going to let it head back up.  We're in gear here because we need to dress well for several parties this fall and winter.  And I do not want to look like sausage girl with huge bouncing boobs.  The less jiggling the better.  You get the picture.

I started a needlepoint project that is larger than an ornament.  A pillow.  A head of cabbage, which in some way appeals to me.  Um, I do see the 'greens' theme here but I'm not quite sure what's going on...

Anyway it's stitching up quickly at this point.  I need lots of excitement and all the short areas of color are good for my easily distracted brain.

I finished up the socks for the orphanage.  Well, got them finished off of the needles, I still need to weave in ends.  They are cute.  I needed the needles for the cardigan, you know.  I still need to go figure out where to send these.  I need to get in touch with the woman who has adopted from Eastern Europe and get an idea from her.

Lest you think I am an idle person... I also made a little summer dress yesterday out of some retro styling fabric.  I am not sure if it is going to stay a dress or go the way of top and skirt yet. I need to try it on a few more times and decide.

Monday, July 07, 2008

More babble?

Yep, more babble.

I've been working on some technology issues here in my house, trying to simplify things in my electronic world.  I think it's working.  We'll see in the long run.  It's been all about how to make my life run smoothly the last few months and the ideas of that were killing me.  It is time to put things into action.

My mornings start with a flip through the Times Picayune with a Diet Coke (bad habit #1 to break) and some sort of breakfast, either then or later with PeeWee.  Then I get on the computer to catch up with emails and blogs, piddle around, all that.  I like getting up a bit before the rest of the house to have those few minutes to myself.  It makes a huge difference in my day.  I need a little me time.  Being ready for bed at 9pm is my trade off.

A few blogs I have stumbled on lately are really thought provoking.  And not in a heavy "why do we exist" kind of way.  Just simple ideas, creative or not that cause one to stop and slow down if nothing else.  A favorite I'm finding is  She just seems to have ideas and thought that are jiving with my daily thinking right now.  I like when I stumble upon that.  Another one that makes me happy thinking someone is doing all the things that rattle around in my head is Posie gets cozy.  I've had some weird nesting issues going on here.  Reading all about the simple and basic living going on is kind of nice.  I'd like to be more on top of those things but our life gets in the way.  Our life is always such a whirlwind I like to look in other's windows to see what they have going on.  And then there is Craft Magazine's blog.  Just to make sure you aren't doing enough.  Or have a long enough list of things you want to do.  Or learn to do.  Or like...

We went off to Natchez this weekend.  Maybe it's the escaping our daily grind for something different but I really enjoy being there.  We went with Marky Mark's family and it was once again a bit much but the time to ourselves was worth it.  And they can put on a fireworks show.

We went to Natchez Needlearts again.  

My brother in law sitting on the left, PeeWee and Marky Mark waiting patiently on the right...

That store is very well done.  Very.  They also offer an array of classes I wish I could find here.  My long term goal is to have a place where creative business is going on.  A spot where you can take classes and also purchase your supplies.  And I can stay there all day and make.  I'm working towards that.  Coming up with lots of ideas for how I'd like it to work.  A five year plan thing.

Oh!  On a knitting note, I have found a pattern that both excites me and I want to start for me.  Yes, for me!  I so rarely find something that's going to work well with my voluptuous body that it's hard to get myself going.  It's the Shawl Collared Cardigan.  Lion Brand patterns freebie.  I have some super soft right weight yarn I want to get going with and I think I have something to inspire!  Phew!  It was getting knitting dull around here.  

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Little yellow hat pattern

As promised...

Here's how I made the little yellow hat:

Cast on an even set of 8 stitches, I cast on 32 for this hat, it's about 8 inches unstretched and since lace has a good amount of give it should fit about a 30-32 weeker.  Gauge for this yarn (Vanna's Choice Baby ) in stockinette stitch is 4sts per inch on size 9 needles.

If you are using dpns or 2 circs, just be sure you have a full set of 8 stitches on each when you divide them up.  I used 2 circs and had 16 stitches on each.

Here's what I did...
Cast on 32 sts, join in the round
begin pattern:
Round 1: Knit 2, yo, ssk, k2tog, yo, knit 2, repeat
Round 2 and 4: knit
Round 3: knit 1, yo, ssk, knit 2, k2tog, yo, knit 1, repeat

Simple as pie, repeat these 4 rounds until the hat is high enough, this one is a little over 5 inches, taller is always better with a baby hat so it stays on easier.

When you get to the decreases simply leave out the yo's before the ssk on the first round, after the k2tog on the next pattern round then continue without them until you have decreased enough times to draw the tail of the yarn through and finish off the hat.

Sorry for the basic instructions, I could have written out the pattern but that would mean I would have to do that and I am just not that organized this week (okay, month, I'll be honest).  This hat could be made much finer with leftover cotton or acrylics in smaller weights.  Or made larger just by increasing the repeats of the pattern.

I am personally used to knitting up much smaller gauge preemie hats, but I think these would be perfect for learning hat construction.  I've been asked to knit with my kids' school this fall and I think we're going to stick with very basic and easy patterns while cranking out preemie hats.  I plan on working out patterns which use basic math to figure out repeats required for resizing and for different gauges so the patterns can be easily converted to everyday knitting use.  Seems like a good way to introduce teenagers to the idea of knitting for others.  You know, provide something useful out of it.  They require a certain number of volunteer hours per semester and if these kids have been going to the school the whole way through, they were introduced to knitting in 3rd and 4th grades so will have some basic skill.  We'll see how it really goes.

I hope everyone in the states has a great long weekend and gets to celebrate the 4th of July in style (whatever style you want that to be).  We're thinking we may run to Natchez to see my brother in law if we get it together.  Even though we've been back in town less than a week?  Yep, running away from home again.  It is summer after all, and the holiday did conveniently fall on a long weekend... and why not?

Happy 4th of July everyone!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

All over the map these days

I wasn't lying when I said I got some knitting done on my trip.  I actually did.  

Five preemie hats and 2 hats to go to Eastern European orphanages.  Also a pair of socks that need toes grafted which match the hats for the orphanages.  I did nothing for us.  I cast on for a pair of socks for me but I am disillusioned with them so... they may stay in the bag for a while until I decide what their fate is.  It's hard to knit socks when you don't even want to wear shoes.

I know those blue and greens are a strange combination.  I did go to Tulane (well Newcomb for those of you who know such things) whose colors are pretty much those right there.  I decided that I wanted to make up hats for the orphanages after a lengthy conversation about my trip to Russia a few years ago.  We were finding more about Big Brother's trip to Europe and I said I wanted to go to a few of the places he went and I wanted to take him to Russia.  A huge tangent later and I was knitting up hats.  I had those yarns on hand anyway at the house and since their only real requirement is wool yarn my choices were pretty limited.  I have enough to make up a sweater even.  Not sure if I am up for that task but we'll see what inspires those needles.  They have a mind of their own, you know.

And now for some giving back in other ways...

Jeld-wen windows is having a contest to help restore a light house.  The New Canal lighthouse here is on the list.  You can vote daily and it would be appreciated.  I'm hoping the lighthouse wins, or at least there's some attention drawn to it from this.  It's a pretty neat little structure, sort of sitting on the brink of oblivion.  It amazes me that people here, who have had their lives altered in so many ways are the source of such incredible generosity.  I mean we're all rebuilding the city in our own little ways.  That people can take away from their own struggles to do things like rebuild that funny little lighthouse is great to me.

I've got my own little project going on, of course.  And I may as well get shameless, right?  The Women's Health Services department at our hospital is currently raising money for purchasing 3 or 4 bundles of equipment for telemedicine for our satellite hospitals, saving money and time for patients who are in need of more specific maternal/fetal care than they can get from normal care.  Patients for whom a problem is suspected who could get the chance to go in and have our high-risk OB's look over the ultrasound in real time, while on the phone with both the ultrasound tech and the patient and her doctor.  

It's very neat technology, it's going to help so many people down the line, I would have been one of those patients when we found out about PeeWee's heart defect so this one is pretty near and dear to my heart.  Just saving the price of gas to help these rural patients makes it one for me to push.  Plus I am such a technology junkie it's kind of embarrassing...

Since I said I was being shameless, and I personally will never see anything about if or what or when someone decided to donate, I've put the link to the online donation form up there.  The only thing I ask if you should decide you are inclined to donate is that you check off "other" and fill in "Women's Health" in the space provided where they ask the designation of your gift.  If you wanted to leave a comment that said something like "sarah sent me" in the comment box that would be fine.  

And, yes, again I am working on the pediatric fundraiser.  I am thinking of donating some of my little kid aprons to their auction.  I want to get the word out that I am making them, then I want to get them in a few stores this fall when everyone is back in school.  My priority right now though is to get those doctors in the dunking booth again.  So far I think we have 8 who are ready to do it?  And the event isn't until October and the asking has just begun?  Things are looking up for this year!

Next post, a few fun things I've found on the web... for now I think I have bombarded you all enough.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Birthday Boy


Here's what it looks like first thing in the morning.
I think I did a good job!
Happy Birthday Big Brother!!  By the way... how did fifteen years pass?  I mean seriously, how did that happen?!  

Sunday, June 29, 2008

No place like home

We got back last night. I am glad to be home. Nothing like a trip to the mountains but after about a week I start to really miss being in my house, with my creature comforts and contact with the outside world.  Mainly some news and a little internet would do me a world of good.

I won't deny it... a little TV too.

I need to take some shots of knitting done while up there.  I really thought I was documenting the things done but that was all just an idea in my head it seems.  When the rains stop I'll get some shots of the knitting done.

For now, be satisfied with a preemie hat for some sunny little head:

I have no idea the name of this lace pattern, but it's simply knitting every other round and then knit 2, yo, ssk, k2tog, yo, knit 2 on one round and knit 1, yo, ssk, knit 2, k2tog, yo, knit 1 the other round.  4 round repeats, pretty cool effect.  Any repeat of 8 would work.  I'll write it up as soon as I have the chance.  It would make a good newborn hat.  Or a good grown-up hat.  I promise to get right on that.

The Vanna's Choice worked out well, but I found myself making much larger hats than normal for me.  Simply bigger yarn.  I know they'll get worn though.  These will go into my stash for the big fall push to make hats.  It's gotten my energy back for those little hats.  They are simply too easy to whip up not to.

Some needlepoint was finished, lots of play time, some goofy family stuff.  All in all  good trip.

Much more updating when the laundry's done and things are unpacked.  I'll be catching up everywhere tomorrow.  Can't wait to read everyone's blogs.  Today I was rendered fairly useless with a raging headache.  I've been hoping to out-run a migrane and *think I may luck out this time.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

well, well.

Who knew being a parent was sometimes really unpleasant?  Not this angel, you say?  

Well, she's a demon in her own right, but Big Brother is the one giving me fits right now.  I won't get into details, but when you know the thing that annoys your mother more than anything else on the planet is when you screw around with plans and pretend you didn't, maybe you should just not do that.  Because she is a bitch and will make things really unpleasant.  Without blinking an eye, buddy.

I bought some Vanna's Choice baby today.  I'm going to be whipping out preemie hats on this trip to the mountains.  For acrylic yarn, it's pretty soft and durable.  It washes up nicely and should knit quickly too.  I need to go dig up the color work books from the closet to bring along.  Ideas are good to have on hand.

I'm trying to get back to up to date with all the blogs I follow, I've had the worst time staying on top of them with all the traveling but I'm reading!  May not be commenting, but I am behind the scenes.  Will probably be behind again since we have no internet where we are going, but I am there in spirit.

Hoping to have some goodies accomplished this trip and great pics of things to show off.  That's the plan anyway and if I have learned anything in the last few years it is that plans go awry.  We're leaving bright and early tomorrow and will be back before the end of the month.  Hopefully Big Brother will redeem himself in that time.  We'll see.  As long as only one of them is running me ragged at a time I should be good.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

It's not like I have given up stitching altogether...

I've been doing a bit of needlepoint.

It used to bore me senseless.  I've needed something that takes a bit of concentration lately though, so it's been a great diversion.  This is the third ornament this month.  I finished two last week on vacation and I am trying to get this one wrapped up before we go to have it dropped off for finishing.  I am proud of the quality of my sewing but am aware that certain things should be left to the pros.  Needlepoint is not a cheap hobby, but I am thinking of painting canvases again to offset those costs.  I have a bunch of ideas and need to set them out and clear a little work spot for myself.  

Have I mentioned here I really need a huge studio space?  It's not like the things I do take up a lot of room, it's that I need to have 28 different projects going at once and the idea of having to set one aside to be able to start another just does not sit well with my creative brain.  I like a cluttered work station, at least one that looks cluttered to the rest of the world but simply several works in progress to me.  There are a few solutions in my head but they all take a lot of money.  Why is it that's always the case?

I'll knit more when we leave town again, I'm sure of it.  I'm kind of itching to do it but sort of uninspired right now.  I want to work little projects these days.  I may start making up some knitted ornaments or something else small and fun.  It may be time to cycle into the preemie hats again, too.  Color work is sounding pretty good to me these days.

We'll see what makes its way into the suitcase this time around.  It'll be a surprise.

Friday, June 13, 2008

It must be the heat

The last few days have been a whirlwind!

We're leaving town again this week, I'd rather wait a little longer but we're off on Wednesday to the mountains.  You know, to deal with that tree issue.  I have not knit a stitch since we've been home.  Not one.  Not sure why but it's hot.  Miserably hot.  I don't want to knit hot.

The kids have been bouncing off the walls.  We've been a bit cooped up here.  Did I mention it's hot?

Big Brother's trip to Europe was great- he loved going, I am so glad he had the chance.  I hope he'll get to go again before life ties a weight to his ankle and he has a long time of 'I want to' before he has 'I am' again.  I can't believe he is almost 15.  Time flies.

Monday, June 09, 2008


So it's been a really really lazy and tired kind of day.

We got back last night, not too late, but after a week with friends and the weekend with family for a wedding, I was beat.

I'm officially worn out right now.  I would love to have a ton of energy and hoping tonight I get great sleep so that I do tomorrow, since PeeWee and I are going to tackle out big list of things to do, bright and early!

See this?

Yes, it is a tree on our house.  

I am so annoyed.  Ugh, one of those, you have got to be kidding things.  The house has been on the market for closing in on three years now, something crazy to begin with and since it has been on the market, most of it has been rebuilt for various catastrophies.  Remember last spring's burst pipe?  Same house.  This could easily have been a much worse situation, it seems the damage is really limited to the very furthest edge of the roof so we're good with that.  I'm just darn tired of owning houses that get whacked with disaster.  I'll be glad when this one goes flying off of the market into someone else's hands. (I know, I know, dreaming here...)

There was not much time to do much Mom stuff.  I got minimal knitting done and no pictures of anything.  So no fun updating here.  I hardly had time in the car, which I usually have tons of for Marky Mark wanting to do the driving.  This time he was happy to doze so I got to sit behind the wheel most of the way.  I think that's why I am so tired today.  I can't quite seem to get it together and wake up!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Crazy Woman escapes from Home

Run for your lives!  We're on the loose.  I've been packing up for a road trip to the mountains.

I have some super secret knitting on the needles, a nifty little project that hopefully will come out like I am picturing it in my very foggy head.

I have been casting on and ripping things all week so there's just nothing to show.  It's the kids' last week of school.  

Big Brother is leaving for two weeks in Europe (lucky stinker) in the wee hours of the morning, and his stuff is all over the living room floor, couch and coffee table.  Gotta love the way the boy packs.  The biggest thing in his suitcase is lots of snack/survival food.  They are on a tight schedule and the teacher running the show has them with no down time what-so-ever so running to the corner store for a little nibble will not be an option.  He's worried, being a full-time grazer, that he will be hungry.  So he packed up a bunch of snack food stuff and he has filled his suitcase with it.  This kid cracks me up.

PeeWee has been in full swing this week.  Crazy Hat Day, Crazy Hair Day, waterplay, you name it they are doing it all this last week of school.  We're missing the last day, but I figure with her being 3 and all there's not a whole lot she's going to miss that last half-day so we're taking a risk and hitting the road.

Ah, the mountains.  It should be fun.  We have friends coming for the ride and I think Marky Mark may be in a little over his head with this bunch.  Mr Quiet will have no choice but to come on out of his shell and say hello.  Speaking of Mr Quiet... the other night we celebrated the fact that in 8 days both my parents turned 70.  There was a late night adventure which I missed that involved taking the under-aged kids along with their Grand-Dad to see a traditional burlesque show.  The one and only Chris Owens.

I missed the evening, but understand it was quite an event.  It's very audience involved and not only did my 14 year old get on stage and dance, but my 70 year old dad got himself a lap dance.  I have seen videos (wish I could get my hands on one) of my quiet reserved painfully shy husband shaking his booty for all the world to see.  A night out indeed.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Just in time

Socks for my dad's birthday.  We're leaving here in about 20 minutes to go to their house.  Just finished weaving in the ends and boxed them up.  Log Cabin Socks from Handknit Holidays.  4 balls Sublime, which is lovely to knit with.  These will be rarely worn around the house kind of socks so I am sure they will hold up well.  Dang feet are size 12s!  What is it with the men I knit for needing such enormous items!?!

Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend.  Enjoy the holiday if you have it and if you are like Big Brother and have to take exams, good luck!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Feast or Famine

It is all or nothing with me.  I either have weeks where I am trying to find a second to come up for air or weeks where I'm hearing crickets and nothing is happening.

The last few weeks of school for the kids are always over booked.  I put myself on the back burner and it still ends up being crazy busy.

I'm working in a few quiet days for myself, now while I can, but even those are being taken over.  I wouldn't mind being the little munchkins who get to hang out here:

Just for a morning or two.

I'm working away on my father's birthday present socks.  The Log Cabin ones.  I need to grab another ball of yarn from my LYS to finish them.  Quick so far but since I have until Saturday to wrap them up it's looking a little iffy.  I have a meeting today and I will bring them along for that.  It's at a Mexican restaurant so I am not sure they will even leave the bag unless it's a mostly business meeting.  The idea of pico on them makes me shudder.

The vegetable garden here is thriving.  So are our satsumas.  The navel oranges have no fruit at all but these are doing pretty good.

We're going to have baby zucchinis in the next day or two.  PeeWee is excited about that prospect.  She has to check on her garden every single day.  It's so cute how excited she gets.  

Big Brother is in the midst of exams.  I do not envy him.  He's working pretty hard and will hopefully have a lot of good to show for his work.  He leaves for a tour of Europe, thanks to his grandparents, the end of this  month.  I do envy him that.  We're working out our travel plans for the summer, they go from exciting to disappointing in about 4 seconds.  While showing Mark what was available on a trip to Alaska, the best room for us was booked.  It's one of about 3 places we wants to go and is willing to go so we're trying to figure out another solution.

Any great places to go where it is actually not 856 degrees?  We're open to suggestions!

Monday, May 19, 2008


I've been on Ravelry since last fall.  I finally actually went there and spent some time.  If I think of it as an organizing tool it will work for me.  One day this week I'll take the computer up to the yarn closet and start adding yarns.  And books.  And projects.  I kind of like it.  I can see how it works.  I couldn't before.  I think I can stay away from people and their Junior High nonsense I have heard about too.  Because I have no idea where that stuff is.

I've started the Log Cabin Socks from Handknit Holidays.  No pictures.  I am lazzzzyyyyyy.  Plus they are only partway finished.  I actually have two pairs of them on the needles.  I started a pair for me then started a pair for my father for his 70th birthday which was the other day.  Yep, both parents turn 70 within 8 days of each other.  Kind of cute, huh?  I must really like this pattern because I made it for my Sockapalooza partner last year.  It's quick and interesting and a lot easier this time around.  

Anyone else redo a pattern some time later?  This one clicked this time around and last time I was keeping sticky notes with where I was the whole time, using a counter and generally fighting it the whole way.  For some reason this time I just have it down.  Amazing what 18 months or so of knitting will do for you abilities isn't it?

Friday, May 16, 2008

FO Sighting in New Orleans

A mere yards of yarn left.  I even had to graft yarn to one sock to finish it.  Talk about knitting two socks on two needles.  I was knitting them from two end of the same last few yards of yarn!

These are for my mother for her 70th birthday next week.  Not only an FO but even finished early.  Early!!  Never happens around here.  At least not lately. 

Several other wads of tangled knotted looped up yarn are on needles now, teasing me that they will indeed turn into wearable garments before long.  Nothing worth showing pictures of.

The other needles in my life- the sewing machine type- have been really busy lately though.  I've been whipping up aprons and cute skirt and shirt sets for etsy.  I have a nice little assembly line set up in my sewing room.  I haven't done this much sewing since Big Brother was about PeeWee's age.  And if you're wondering, she's already at that I can't smile like a normal human being for the next 14 years stage.  So much for sweet smiles in pictures from now on!

Friday, May 09, 2008

About time!!!

Finally.  Fiber Chic's prize. I love this yarn but can not figure out what to do with it.  Some Rowan Kidsilk Haze, two balls, and some Jolie, partially used up, but two full balls and two with a little from them.  Send me an email and I'll get them out to you.

Soooooo, what have I been doing this incredibly busy week?  This.  No, I'm just kidding, but you can thank me later when you have to just try one more time.  I love Shaun the Sheep so I couldn't resist passing that one on.

It has been just nuts here, but things are quieting down this week for me.  I'm hoping to get in some knitting time so I have something to actually show off next week.  I have projects piling up all around me calling my name and sadly I can't get to them just yet.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

I didn't forget!

If I could list the things I have been doing this week it would make your head spin so I'm just popping on to announce the winner from the blogiversary commenters...

Details, the loot and all that soon, I promise!
Gotta go do carpool...

Monday, May 05, 2008

Got the blues

Everything I am knitting is blue.  Or some shade of it.  Even the planned knitting I have up my sleeve.  It must be because it's gotten hot.  Not quite drowning while breathing hot yet but that's coming.  

The socks I've been working on are tight.  My mother is turning 70 in a few weeks so I hope I can wrap them up for her by then.  The cable crosses with this pattern are new to me, complete with a decrease and yo in the cable, and they snugged things up a bit.  I'm also gauging the yarn usage and thinking they are going to come up short so her dainty girl feet will be better suited to them than my thick manish feet.  Check gauge?  Why when you can always find a foot to fit?

I started a little dress for PeeWee.  It's blue.  And blue.  Her newest favorite color.  Since she changes her mind every 18 minutes lately we'll see how she feels about blue when it's finished.  I always said 3 was tougher than 2 and this kid is proving my theory right lately.  We went on a walk around the block last night after dinner and after deciding 32 different times which way we were going to walk the second half of the block home, Marky Mark picked her up and she screamed about wanting to go that way for about 40 minutes.  We kept asking her if she wanted to go back out and walk the other way around the block but NOOoooo!!! she didn't want to go on another walk she just wanted us to know she wanted to go that way.  Oh man.  She is something else.

The next project is going to be using this squishy bit of yarn.  Not sure what it'll turn into yet but it's next up for me.

The veggie garden we put in is thriving. I can't wait to get some harvest. The zucchini is going crazy and everything else looks ready to bloom or is working blooms for about a week now. PeeWee is thrilled with her little project. Big Brother and I always had a little pot garden but we had lots of shade so stuck with cucumbers and such which would tolerate it better. Here we have a good bit of sun. And Marky Mark was willing to sacrifice beauty in a tiny corner along the driveway for us. Asking a landscaper to fit a veggie garden in his yard when he has grand ideas? It took a little convincing and we're lucky he did the grunt work.

We're having more plumbing issues.  Have I mentioned I am sick to death of this house?  I love our block too much to even think of moving but I really really hate this place today.  After rebuilding it you would think I would have a certain appreciation for it but instead I am ready to walk away and not look back.  

The winner for the blogiversary comments will be coming shortly.  Big Brother will be picking a name when he gets out of school this afternoon.  Thanks for the comments.  I think for now I'll stick with my random posts until I can narrow things down a bit.  I'd gotten to hearing crickets when I post and was wondering if it was worth it to keep up with things.  It sounds like I do have an audience so for now I'll still be here!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Cars Planes and Trains

My blogiversary was yesterday.   I'll pretend it's today for good measure.

I was out and about.  I was in Washington DC for a weekend with friends and family.  A way too busy weekend, full of family tensions and really really fun friends.  Weird mix.  But yesterday was the zoo with a fabulous bunch of ladies and their adorable kids.

I enjoy DC but I think I had enough for a while.  I'd like to explore the surrounding area more, head out to Leesburg and surrounding Maryland and Virginia.  Maybe when the leaves turn I can talk Marky Mark into it.  He loves that area so it would be an easy sell.

I did actually get a little knitting done.  I was keeping peculiar hours so there were a few moments when I was alone and got in a few rows.  I'll show them when there's a bit of progress.  For now, I have to undo the "knitting" PeeWee did on the plane on the way home.  She loves to wind the Addi Turbos around each other "knitting".  Clever little thing.  I'll wait to undo that mess when she's in school tomorrow.

I found a new nifty web doodad, thanks to my younger hipper friends...  twitter.  It's pretty clever- you drop a bit of info and get to find out in a sentence or two what everyone's up to.  Thought I'd show I'm not as daft as I think I am some days.  A tired three year old, no stroller, way upper 80's and a lot of hills in the National Zoo will make you feel old and very un-with-it. 

For those of you who are quicker than I, yes, that is a Schrodinger bag up there hiding the socks.  I've decided they are the best thing.  I bought that one for a gift and kept it.  They are the perfect little bag for little kids too, I should tell her that... they are the perfect size for all the tiny traveling toys they like to tote if you're looking for a little kid type gift. 

So, can you tell I spent the day in and out of cars, busses and airplanes?  Yeah, I am both link- happy and random today.  In honor of my blogiversary I'm asking for comments from all my readers.  I'm trying to figure out if and when and how I'm going to keep the blog going.  I've gotten a bit off track with the knitting, not posting so much about it as I'd like, or frankly, doing as much as I would like.  I'm on the fence with blogging here.  If I'm talking to myself there may be a problem with that...  Let me know you're reading and if you are I'll keep with it.  If not, I may go to simply posting knits as they come off the needles ::yawn::

Added bonus: there's a prize in it for your comments.  I've got a few skeins of yarn looking for new homes (paring down!) so we'll see whose home it makes it's way too.  

PS- I know who my non-knitting loyal readers are and if you win you'll get something you can use, like maybe actual finished socks!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Home is good

PeeWee says thanks for the well wishes.  We're home now and aside from a little limp where she's got a few band-aids you'd never know she'd been in the hospital.  Kids are so resilient.  I feel like going back to bed and she's on the go!

Yes, those are the socks in bed with her.  I worked on them quite a bit but was so exhausted that I just couldn't focus one tiny bit so alas, they are not quite done.  Plus, I was making a conscious effort to knit loosely so as not to have some super tight sock and that had the opposite effect.  Weird pooling once again.  Tough luck though.

Things went exceptionally well.  They found things are functioning above what they expected and so there is likely another year before they operate again!  We have some other tests they would like to do, mostly for future diagnostics but I'm not even thinking about those today.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Feeling like I'm climbing up a greased wall around here.  

I have 101 things I need to be doing but since this is the first remotely quiet moment today I'm sitting on my ass on the computer, trying to catch up with blogs and email and other goodies.  

We have to be at the hospital with PeeWee for 6am.  It's one thing to get up at 6am but to be somewhere?  That's a stretch.  Thankfully my brother volunteered to be in charge of Big Brother tonight and tomorrow, who is going to be in for a rude awakening getting up early enough to catch the bus!  Not quite the 5 blocks from school life at their house.  It'll be good for him.  Build character, right?

I have my knitting set aside and hope I don't forget it tomorrow.  The nurse told me it will be 2-3 hours for her cardiac catheter.  I ought to get pretty close to done with the sock in that time.  While I like the yarn, Marky Mark asked me what the hell I was knitting and could it please not be for him!?  Yeah, buddy, I'm really in the habit of making you mostly pink squishy socks.  Big Brother said 'yeah those are really ugly'.  Hey, at least I know there will be no stealing of these!  (too distracted to make a link, but the same socks from a few posts ago, not ugly to me!)

Just to show I am not all doom and gloom, here's another bit of recent crafty ADD to show.  It's the dress I whipped out the other day.  PeeWee loves it.  She says it is like a princess dress.  Not quite, but close enough!  I've got another on the sewing table ready to be hemmed.  Today did not pan out to be a sewing day, as Marky Mark could not take off early enough for me to do much of anything, so it was just PeeWee and me.  As you can clearly see, she is a miserable wretch and absolutely no fun ever to be around.