Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I said I was going to paint myself some ornaments, didn't I?

Here's my shiny and fun dragonfly, almost done being stitched, too.  I'm going to bring the yellow out a bit more around the wings so there's not too much weight at the bottom, and because I like it so much.  I had a thin outline around the tail but I figured there was simply no stuffing something so narrow and decided to beef it up a bit and it's looking like it needs it all around.  This is totally something I would have bought in a shop.  I've got it all charted out so I may paint up a few to see the response.

Yes, that's my cabbage pillow.  No it has not lost it's allure.  I really wanted to get the ornament finished so I can get it sent out through the woman who might decide to carry them.  Or not.  So I put it ahead of the pillow.  

The huge frog?  Yes, I know it is truly disgusting and in spite of my frog phobia it lives happily alongside us here.  I hate frogs, they are just the nastiest things out there, they make my stomach turn and heart race but I am given frogs all the time.  I kid you not.  How this huge phobia has passed unnoticed I have no idea but I get frogs from everyone.  This beauty was a gift from a good friend who laughed and was really surprised I have these issues.  Charming, huh?  And, as you can tell, huge.

Just for good measure, since it has been a while since the kids have made it on here, a picture of PeeWee.  Today was a swim day at camp so off she went all dressed to go!  Sassy little pirate that she is.