Sunday, July 13, 2008

Christmas in July

I met with a friend who has a needlepoint project for me to paint out on canvas for her as quickly as I can get it wrapped up, and I have another canvas to paint up for a friend so I also picked up some canvas for myself and I want to see how many times I can say canvas in a run-on sentence, so just for good measure, I got some canvas to make PeeWee a needlepoint rug for her doll house and I got her an adorable ladybug canvas made just for kids.

Here she is stitching away!  She's watched me enough times to actually be pretty proficient.  Especially for a little 3 and a half year old.  It makes a mother proud.  I think we'll have this one framed when she's all finished with it.  The stitches are already going in every direction but that's fine with me, she's doing this one all by herself.

Next craft to teach her is knitting.  I'm waiting until she is 4 for that, simply so I can actually have the patience.  I want to be sure she gets it.  She wants to learn, I just think she is a few stages away from being able to fully grasp the action.  The last thing I want to do is frustrate her so we're leaving that alone for now.

Our tree is going to be some fun and handmade from now on. I do still pick up other ornaments but it's looking like the home made variety is going to be taking over before long. Granny is always stitching up ornaments for us as well so we get some great things come the holidays.  So far I have these back from the finisher:

There are 2 more out being done.  And I have the three I am painting for myself so we'll have a good amount of new needlepoint ornaments hanging this year.  Not to mention the felt ones I have been making.  Or the sewn ones I plan on making.

It's been a crafty day around here so far.  PeeWee and I had our regular breakfast at the coffee shop around the corner and when we got back we decided that Daddy has been on such serious PeeWee patrol this week that we would let him sleep in and read and laze around, like all good Daddies should get to once in a while.  More projects are up our sleeves for later today if we need to pull them out.

It's hard work to paint stars for gift tag ornaments.  When these dry we'll have them for another day to paint the other sides.  Eventually I'll put an eye screw on the tops and we can use them to wrap packages up for Christmas.  

I know, the "C" word.  I'm working on so many projects around here and I have a few things I am trying to get myself organized with for a professional idea that I am already thinking that far forward.  I have plans for a hand-made holiday for my family.  None of them need anything.  None of them want anything.  So it's hand made this year.

I'd show my cardigan so far but seriously, that would be boring.  It's a whopping 5 inches of stockinette back so I'll spare you, but know that real knitting is going on here.  The needlepoint cabbage, however, is heading into the home stretch.  I've got two colors left to stitch and then it's all background, which I will gladly do in an interesting stitch to make sure I both stick with it and that I am not blind from poking my eyes out with the needle.