Wednesday, July 02, 2008

All over the map these days

I wasn't lying when I said I got some knitting done on my trip.  I actually did.  

Five preemie hats and 2 hats to go to Eastern European orphanages.  Also a pair of socks that need toes grafted which match the hats for the orphanages.  I did nothing for us.  I cast on for a pair of socks for me but I am disillusioned with them so... they may stay in the bag for a while until I decide what their fate is.  It's hard to knit socks when you don't even want to wear shoes.

I know those blue and greens are a strange combination.  I did go to Tulane (well Newcomb for those of you who know such things) whose colors are pretty much those right there.  I decided that I wanted to make up hats for the orphanages after a lengthy conversation about my trip to Russia a few years ago.  We were finding more about Big Brother's trip to Europe and I said I wanted to go to a few of the places he went and I wanted to take him to Russia.  A huge tangent later and I was knitting up hats.  I had those yarns on hand anyway at the house and since their only real requirement is wool yarn my choices were pretty limited.  I have enough to make up a sweater even.  Not sure if I am up for that task but we'll see what inspires those needles.  They have a mind of their own, you know.

And now for some giving back in other ways...

Jeld-wen windows is having a contest to help restore a light house.  The New Canal lighthouse here is on the list.  You can vote daily and it would be appreciated.  I'm hoping the lighthouse wins, or at least there's some attention drawn to it from this.  It's a pretty neat little structure, sort of sitting on the brink of oblivion.  It amazes me that people here, who have had their lives altered in so many ways are the source of such incredible generosity.  I mean we're all rebuilding the city in our own little ways.  That people can take away from their own struggles to do things like rebuild that funny little lighthouse is great to me.

I've got my own little project going on, of course.  And I may as well get shameless, right?  The Women's Health Services department at our hospital is currently raising money for purchasing 3 or 4 bundles of equipment for telemedicine for our satellite hospitals, saving money and time for patients who are in need of more specific maternal/fetal care than they can get from normal care.  Patients for whom a problem is suspected who could get the chance to go in and have our high-risk OB's look over the ultrasound in real time, while on the phone with both the ultrasound tech and the patient and her doctor.  

It's very neat technology, it's going to help so many people down the line, I would have been one of those patients when we found out about PeeWee's heart defect so this one is pretty near and dear to my heart.  Just saving the price of gas to help these rural patients makes it one for me to push.  Plus I am such a technology junkie it's kind of embarrassing...

Since I said I was being shameless, and I personally will never see anything about if or what or when someone decided to donate, I've put the link to the online donation form up there.  The only thing I ask if you should decide you are inclined to donate is that you check off "other" and fill in "Women's Health" in the space provided where they ask the designation of your gift.  If you wanted to leave a comment that said something like "sarah sent me" in the comment box that would be fine.  

And, yes, again I am working on the pediatric fundraiser.  I am thinking of donating some of my little kid aprons to their auction.  I want to get the word out that I am making them, then I want to get them in a few stores this fall when everyone is back in school.  My priority right now though is to get those doctors in the dunking booth again.  So far I think we have 8 who are ready to do it?  And the event isn't until October and the asking has just begun?  Things are looking up for this year!

Next post, a few fun things I've found on the web... for now I think I have bombarded you all enough.