Monday, July 07, 2008

More babble?

Yep, more babble.

I've been working on some technology issues here in my house, trying to simplify things in my electronic world.  I think it's working.  We'll see in the long run.  It's been all about how to make my life run smoothly the last few months and the ideas of that were killing me.  It is time to put things into action.

My mornings start with a flip through the Times Picayune with a Diet Coke (bad habit #1 to break) and some sort of breakfast, either then or later with PeeWee.  Then I get on the computer to catch up with emails and blogs, piddle around, all that.  I like getting up a bit before the rest of the house to have those few minutes to myself.  It makes a huge difference in my day.  I need a little me time.  Being ready for bed at 9pm is my trade off.

A few blogs I have stumbled on lately are really thought provoking.  And not in a heavy "why do we exist" kind of way.  Just simple ideas, creative or not that cause one to stop and slow down if nothing else.  A favorite I'm finding is  She just seems to have ideas and thought that are jiving with my daily thinking right now.  I like when I stumble upon that.  Another one that makes me happy thinking someone is doing all the things that rattle around in my head is Posie gets cozy.  I've had some weird nesting issues going on here.  Reading all about the simple and basic living going on is kind of nice.  I'd like to be more on top of those things but our life gets in the way.  Our life is always such a whirlwind I like to look in other's windows to see what they have going on.  And then there is Craft Magazine's blog.  Just to make sure you aren't doing enough.  Or have a long enough list of things you want to do.  Or learn to do.  Or like...

We went off to Natchez this weekend.  Maybe it's the escaping our daily grind for something different but I really enjoy being there.  We went with Marky Mark's family and it was once again a bit much but the time to ourselves was worth it.  And they can put on a fireworks show.

We went to Natchez Needlearts again.  

My brother in law sitting on the left, PeeWee and Marky Mark waiting patiently on the right...

That store is very well done.  Very.  They also offer an array of classes I wish I could find here.  My long term goal is to have a place where creative business is going on.  A spot where you can take classes and also purchase your supplies.  And I can stay there all day and make.  I'm working towards that.  Coming up with lots of ideas for how I'd like it to work.  A five year plan thing.

Oh!  On a knitting note, I have found a pattern that both excites me and I want to start for me.  Yes, for me!  I so rarely find something that's going to work well with my voluptuous body that it's hard to get myself going.  It's the Shawl Collared Cardigan.  Lion Brand patterns freebie.  I have some super soft right weight yarn I want to get going with and I think I have something to inspire!  Phew!  It was getting knitting dull around here.