Wednesday, July 09, 2008

So I knit a gauge swatch

A real gauge swatch.  I really did!  And I cast off.  And I washed it and blocked it just like you are supposed to.  How about that.  Of course no pictures because it's a square of yarn.  I like seeing everyone else's but my own, hmmm, no.

I started the Shawl-Collard Cardigan last night and was surprised at the quit knit it is starting to be.  Hoping the speed keeps up but I like the drape and the style and in spite of my overwhelming urge to change the edging to a non-rolling garter stitch... I did not.  No I did not make that spelling mistake in the name of the sweater but since I have a weird love hate relationship with collard greens I could not help repeating it here.  I keep wondering if whoever wrote that up had some kind of experience with collard greens and had that stuck in their head.  Plus I think we're going to eat at a restaurant the NY Times raves about today where one of the side dishes is collard greens.  #3 on their list.  Somehow I do not think low-fat will be an option.

We've been working out a few healthier meals for this house.  That trip to Natchez about killed me with the excessive eating.  Once you start that it is hard to curb.  And I am not back-tracking.  Not that I've seen much movement on the scale lately but I am not going to let it head back up.  We're in gear here because we need to dress well for several parties this fall and winter.  And I do not want to look like sausage girl with huge bouncing boobs.  The less jiggling the better.  You get the picture.

I started a needlepoint project that is larger than an ornament.  A pillow.  A head of cabbage, which in some way appeals to me.  Um, I do see the 'greens' theme here but I'm not quite sure what's going on...

Anyway it's stitching up quickly at this point.  I need lots of excitement and all the short areas of color are good for my easily distracted brain.

I finished up the socks for the orphanage.  Well, got them finished off of the needles, I still need to weave in ends.  They are cute.  I needed the needles for the cardigan, you know.  I still need to go figure out where to send these.  I need to get in touch with the woman who has adopted from Eastern Europe and get an idea from her.

Lest you think I am an idle person... I also made a little summer dress yesterday out of some retro styling fabric.  I am not sure if it is going to stay a dress or go the way of top and skirt yet. I need to try it on a few more times and decide.