Sunday, April 27, 2008

Cars Planes and Trains

My blogiversary was yesterday.   I'll pretend it's today for good measure.

I was out and about.  I was in Washington DC for a weekend with friends and family.  A way too busy weekend, full of family tensions and really really fun friends.  Weird mix.  But yesterday was the zoo with a fabulous bunch of ladies and their adorable kids.

I enjoy DC but I think I had enough for a while.  I'd like to explore the surrounding area more, head out to Leesburg and surrounding Maryland and Virginia.  Maybe when the leaves turn I can talk Marky Mark into it.  He loves that area so it would be an easy sell.

I did actually get a little knitting done.  I was keeping peculiar hours so there were a few moments when I was alone and got in a few rows.  I'll show them when there's a bit of progress.  For now, I have to undo the "knitting" PeeWee did on the plane on the way home.  She loves to wind the Addi Turbos around each other "knitting".  Clever little thing.  I'll wait to undo that mess when she's in school tomorrow.

I found a new nifty web doodad, thanks to my younger hipper friends...  twitter.  It's pretty clever- you drop a bit of info and get to find out in a sentence or two what everyone's up to.  Thought I'd show I'm not as daft as I think I am some days.  A tired three year old, no stroller, way upper 80's and a lot of hills in the National Zoo will make you feel old and very un-with-it. 

For those of you who are quicker than I, yes, that is a Schrodinger bag up there hiding the socks.  I've decided they are the best thing.  I bought that one for a gift and kept it.  They are the perfect little bag for little kids too, I should tell her that... they are the perfect size for all the tiny traveling toys they like to tote if you're looking for a little kid type gift. 

So, can you tell I spent the day in and out of cars, busses and airplanes?  Yeah, I am both link- happy and random today.  In honor of my blogiversary I'm asking for comments from all my readers.  I'm trying to figure out if and when and how I'm going to keep the blog going.  I've gotten a bit off track with the knitting, not posting so much about it as I'd like, or frankly, doing as much as I would like.  I'm on the fence with blogging here.  If I'm talking to myself there may be a problem with that...  Let me know you're reading and if you are I'll keep with it.  If not, I may go to simply posting knits as they come off the needles ::yawn::

Added bonus: there's a prize in it for your comments.  I've got a few skeins of yarn looking for new homes (paring down!) so we'll see whose home it makes it's way too.  

PS- I know who my non-knitting loyal readers are and if you win you'll get something you can use, like maybe actual finished socks!