Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Feeling like I'm climbing up a greased wall around here.  

I have 101 things I need to be doing but since this is the first remotely quiet moment today I'm sitting on my ass on the computer, trying to catch up with blogs and email and other goodies.  

We have to be at the hospital with PeeWee for 6am.  It's one thing to get up at 6am but to be somewhere?  That's a stretch.  Thankfully my brother volunteered to be in charge of Big Brother tonight and tomorrow, who is going to be in for a rude awakening getting up early enough to catch the bus!  Not quite the 5 blocks from school life at their house.  It'll be good for him.  Build character, right?

I have my knitting set aside and hope I don't forget it tomorrow.  The nurse told me it will be 2-3 hours for her cardiac catheter.  I ought to get pretty close to done with the sock in that time.  While I like the yarn, Marky Mark asked me what the hell I was knitting and could it please not be for him!?  Yeah, buddy, I'm really in the habit of making you mostly pink squishy socks.  Big Brother said 'yeah those are really ugly'.  Hey, at least I know there will be no stealing of these!  (too distracted to make a link, but the same socks from a few posts ago, not ugly to me!)

Just to show I am not all doom and gloom, here's another bit of recent crafty ADD to show.  It's the dress I whipped out the other day.  PeeWee loves it.  She says it is like a princess dress.  Not quite, but close enough!  I've got another on the sewing table ready to be hemmed.  Today did not pan out to be a sewing day, as Marky Mark could not take off early enough for me to do much of anything, so it was just PeeWee and me.  As you can clearly see, she is a miserable wretch and absolutely no fun ever to be around.