Sunday, April 13, 2008

I am a domestic goddess

Or a really good fake.

In the oven right now is banana bread, mmmm, it smells good. We went down to the French Quarter Festival this morning and when we got home the bananas were looking a little worse for wear so I decided that banana bread was just what we needed for breakfast tomorrow and whipped some up.

I've been in domestic mode this weekend. I got a bunch of tea towels and have been stitching away.

Yes, the floorcloth in the kitchen is polka dotted.  It goes with the whole seriously retro kitchen theme.

This one is a little bit of yellow linen I had laying around.  I like the chickens.  It needs hemming next.  I think Wednesday is going to be sewing room day, unless we keep PeeWee home (keep reading for more on that)

More polka dots in the background!  This one is the traditional stem stitch, not as happy with it as with the backstitch I used for the others.  I think I would need to be stitching with much finer threads than I am using to get the effect I should be getting, so I abandoned that idea.

I went to the book store Friday with a gift card and I picked up a books on redwork, pebble mosaics, household item softies, Hawaiian quilts and a general design book.  I think I have a touch of crafters ADD.  Maybe it's spring in the air.  Maybe it's me being incredibly adventurous.