Monday, April 07, 2008

Technical Difficulties

I'm chugging away on the sock I showed the other day.  I got most of the foot finished while getting my hair colored this morning.  It was good timing too because it was a serious grey hair weekend.  Whoa!  Big Brother... well, he was being an irked 14 year old.  We're good now but it was a little rough there.

No pictures.  I am having technical difficulties.  There is more memory on my ipod than my laptop so I am having trouble accessing things right now.  Should be taken care of by the end of the week when the new computer arrives and I unload a lot of stuff onto that.  I can't even export photos now because of the memory issue.  A transfer then big delete is in order.  I ignored the notice that the memory was filling up.....

Anyway.  The sock is chugging along, I made then embroidered a very simple A-line dress for PeeWee, and I started another needlepoint ornament.  I ordered some tea towels to embroider too.  Lots of gifts coming up soon.  I am overdue for a house warming one too.  I wish I could show off some of this stuff!  It'll just keep you coming back to look if I make you wait, right?