Friday, April 04, 2008

Rare Pink Dog Sighted

I bought some patterns from Aerie Designs.  They are some cute.  This one is the mini greyhound.  I decided to tackle this one before the life sized greyhound.   (I know I had a rant about crochet patterns, but I do crochet.  I just don't want to think I am getting knitting patterns when I am actually getting crochet patterns.)  This one came with some little outfit patterns too.  It was well written, impressive with so many parts involved.  I used some Cotton Tots  for this, a yarn I really enjoy.  It's easy to find, super soft, inexpensive and gets better with age.  I used a ball and then some.

I'm sitting on a huge backlog of creative ideas here.  Yarn, paper, and fabric are all calling my name. 

I have no idea where to start.  I'm actually a little overwhelmed by the choices.  I am hoping to have some good things to show off soon.  I did some updating at the Etsy shop.  I've got more to list but I must be picking busy times of day to try, the picture uploading has been sluggish for me.  I know, it sounds like shameless promotion, but I'm just mentioning it for looky loo reasons- you can see what non-knitting things I am up to.  Not that there's been much knitting to show here...