Monday, March 31, 2008

Clicking Needles Heard in Suburban House

I guess it is sort of disturbing that our house is still considered the burbs.  I mean we're really a city to ourselves here two blocks from New Orleans proper.  Eh, whatever.

There has been knitting going on here recently.  Not much, and not really worthy of much mention but it is indeed happening.

It's a sock.  I'm not showing off the whole thing because it has to be ripped back to the heel.  I am really not happy with the weird pooling going on.  It's actually more like a long stripe for some reason.  So it's got to go.  I'll simply do an all stockinette foot.  This yarn is Fiesta Boomerang, seriously lush squishy and nice to knit.  One of my favorites.

Spring break is over.  Marky Mark is driving my car an hour to the place where it will be serviced (reason enough for me personally to get a new car but the bank account disagrees)   And it is quiet.  I can hear the appliance noises, the breeze blowing, things I thought had simply stopped.  For scheduling reasons we were unable to go anywhere during the break but next time I am not going to waste the chance to get out of town.

I'm off to attempt to clean up around here a bit.  Rabid monkeys must have broken in here and done all this mess.  It surely could not have been anyone in this family.  Everything is out of place.  And I so want to get something creative done.  Oh well, I know the housework is not going anywhere but this week is shaping up to be a busy one and the disorder has already gotten under my skin so I guess I better at least attempt to make things civil.