Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I think he likes it

Yesterday was Marky Mark's 47th birthday.

He complains at any and every single event that I should not waste money buying him anything.  Making him things, however, is okay.  I could tell he was disappointed that this one was not done in time for Christmas.  (Christmas morning here was kind of ugly, he was seriously out of sorts and it was no fun)  He had hinted that he needed a blanket when I told him there was something I had made under the tree.  Since it's been put away for over a month it was a case of out of sight, out of mind for him.  

I think he forgot about it, although part of that makes me chuckle because he watches the evening news with his feet on the huge-ass apple butter making copper pot that this has been in since August and did he notice it has been empty?  Probably not, but now he will and he'll put it all together.  (His focus is on the outside world, plants and dirt so when he's done digging for the day he comes in and plops down with out realizing what's changed around him some days.)

He really was happy when he opened the blanket, and I am glad.

Marky Mark is a man of few smiles.  

Yep, it's long enough!

This one?  I guess he was a little giddy!  PeeWee wanted to make a tent with it right away.  They ran off to her room and made one.  It was pretty darn cute.  She's as happy as he is it's finished!

Spring break here this week, not much other stuff going on.  Lots of laying around, lazy lazy lazy.  I am itching to get things moving in the new sewing studio but with a houseful of kids that's not happening right now.  I'm hoping for a little Daddy/Daughter time before Monday and then hopefully I will have something (anything) new to show off.

And how did he get to be 47?  When did that one happen?  Then again, when did I get to be 39...