Thursday, March 20, 2008


I'm cranky.  If you want to go somewhere happy, go ahead.

Why is it that some knitting websites and magazines are full of crochet projects?  It really bugs me.  When I want to crochet, I'll look for crochet, thanks.  Not cruise through knitting patterns, (and dangit, especially in magazines and books!) looking for something to knit and finding only crochet.  Grrrr, it really bugs me.  I'm cranky, did I mention that?

Marky Mark's blanket has stalled.  I think it is simply done.  With the kids off of school until they go back on the 31st there's not likely to be much time to sneak in knitting.  And the entire month has snuck away from me.  I want a do-over for the last few weeks.  I've been too busy to even think straight.  Getting that edging done before Tuesday is just not likely.  It'll be fine though.  And I promise a picture of it.  Should be doable tomorrow, if Marky Mark would just go away from this house.  He's been working on our yard for almost two weeks now.  If he could do this without being underfoot, I would be thrilled.  With him home all day the conversation is running thin.  And trying to sneak in either secret knitting time or even a picture has been about impossible.  I'm trying here.  Tomorrow I will run him off for a while.  I really need to.