Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It's still stitching...

So I finished one needlepoint ornament, which I sent off for finishing without a picture and I am working on another one, a New Orleans icon from back in my day, Mr Bingle a very cool guy indeed.  Needlepoint, while never a favorite of mine, requires a lot of concentration.  The only thing I ever finished before Katrina was a pillow which flooded before I could send it off to be finished.  I figured that was a sign.  I've already mentioned my mother had more than one needlepoint shop in her many careered life and I have been known to paint a canvas or two to pay the rent in college, but stitching them was never my thing.  I'm happily working away on these now, just to keep my brain busy.

I'll be casting on for some socks this week, I'm on the hunt for the perfect pattern right now, with a few on the short list.  I just enjoy the socks too much to not be working on some.  I never meant to discard knitting with this break, I just wanted to keep my brain very occupied.  I have set up a little sewing studio in part of a room and have some plans to whip out both the art quilts and some summer wear for me and PeeWee.

Much better than my kitchen counter set-up!

Ah, to have a real working studio.  One day.

Thanks for all the good thoughts and well wishes for PeeWee.  She is finally on the hospital's calendar, though we are waiting to hear if we are traveling to California to another hospital  for this procedure.  That would be up to the surgeon, so if he says go there, we will.  It's called a cardiac catheter.  It is invasive and but we've done it before and it was relatively complication free so I am keeping my faith in the doctors that this one will also be. (not an easy task)  It's the first step towards her next open heart surgery, which will likely be within the year based on what they have seen in the last few months.  This test will tell us much more information they need to determine that date.