Friday, March 21, 2008

Color can be subjective

In one of my printmaking classes in college the professor told a girl her print looked like a WalMart shower curtain.  Keep in mind that in the late 80's that could not be taken in any way other than completely negatively.  WalMart, KMart and the like had no designer stylists at all.  I think I remember both the print and the comment because it was so scathing.  So keep this lovely black and white in mind when you think about my "ugly couch" knitting.  Because it really is ugly.  The kind of ugly you just have to love, like an ugly baby.

This puppy turned out big.  Over 6 ft both wide and long.  This round table is 6ft and I smooshed the blanket to keep it on there.  It really does need the additional edging.  The curling is not working for me.  The finished look of white all the way around is going to bring this one from "ugly couch" to cool ugly.  At least for me it is.

I hope Marky Mark has a good birthday Tuesday.  Having forgot one a few years ago, I feel the need to shower him with love.  He's not big on gifts and this blanket having been in the closet for the last few weeks will be completely in the out of sight/out of mind category.  Good thing I am married to the absent-minded landscaper!!

I like it.  It may fit the ugly baby category and feel free to speak up about that.  The yarn was on sale.  I most likely would have chosen something quite different but I really like this one.  And it's basically big enough to use on the bed, though it's meant for couch cuddling.  It replaces a somewhat ratty crocheted mess, well loved but seriously in need of retirement.

I knit this with some close out Classic Elite Two Two yarn, which is both soft and lovely to knit with. I have no idea what the colors are, but I used a lot of this stuff.  I bought 54 skeins of it at less than $2 a skein and used most of it.   

So there.  Finally some knitting.  And a FO at that.  I have some socks I started but instead of jinxing my progress on those I'm keeping them to myself for the time being.