Thursday, March 13, 2008

Delicate balance

Has everyone had a few weeks like I have?  Kind of winging it but it's somehow working?  Much harder to do anything than it should be?  Whew, I am beat.

No knitting.  Knitting plans in place though.  I'm trying to sneak in secret knitting time to finish up Mark's blanket without him seeing it.  He knows it exists, but his memory is not exactly focused on things like that so I am good to be able to please him with it.

Finished the second needlepoint ornament and dropped it off for finishing.  Needlepoint seems to be soothing and distracting enough for me right now.  I'm not proficient enough at it to be able to let my mind just wander while working yet.

Crafty Wednesday was plaster play.  That was fun.  Nothing is complete yet, so another picture free post here.  We haven't actually gotten together since Thanksgiving and we all needed it!  Messy messy messy, we're going to wrap our stuff up before Easter so pics then, I promise.

Maybe I'll throw this in just for fluff:

A post with no pictures is kind of boring, I do know that ;-)  And I do love ruins.  This is from a destroyed house open for tours of it's incredible house ruins and gardens, Afton Villa in St Francisville, LA.  

So what's coming up around here?  I'm not even sure.  I've left lots of open free time on my calendar.  I'm hoping to work in a lot of creative time to keep me happy.  I'm in the mood to watch a lot of movies, hang around with the kids and stay as relaxed as I can.