Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Not Knit

I've been stitching here lately, just no knitting worth showing.  I think starting and ripping back the same sock 722 times does not make it worthy of a photo.  I can't seem to get a good pattern going and am not interested in knitting up a sock in a pattern I just don't like.  So there.  I guess I am simply in knit rut land.  Eh, that's okay.

I did manage to set up my sewing studio.  You have to use your imagination here in tie picture because there is a table and sewing machine in the spot PeeWee is occupying.  And some shelves with fabric along the right.  Very happy with my set up.  Not sure Big Brother is though, he had spread himself out pretty good in there.  I had to round up his goods and take over.  His stuff is still in there, it's just contained now, something I am not sure he is thrilled about.  Sorry buddy, we have to share this house.

This room makes me happy- its a tree house kind of room, those windows are great.  I do look out at a sea of rooftops but am okay with that.  You can tell from this picture this is a 20's house.  Oozing with charming little things while the wind whips through those windows in the winter and heats up that room in the summer.  This time of yearr here and I am ready to go get the screens from the attic.

And look at what is new to PeeWee's wardrobe thanks to the new sewing setup!  Yep, very happy with this new setup indeed.  My friend Robin thought out loud that the birds from the quilt would be too cute on a t-shirt so there they are.  I'm working out the kinks with this but mostly happy with the whole idea.

PeeWee wore the green outfit on St Patricks Day.  Marky Mark's family is Irish and we're Scotch-Irish, so while a true Irishman might way we're not Irish,  I know it means some time in Ireland even if we're Scottish.  I mean the group who moved there did it in the 17th century, so I guess there's got to be some Irish in the mix.  (I've now written Irish enough times it looks like I spelled it wrong, so if I did, please excuse that.)