Monday, March 03, 2008

The sand was cold on my toes

Nothing like a few days away to restore my faith in mankind.  

Destin is a great getaway spot.  Lots of relaxing, beautiful beaches, the constant breeze, the works.  Not a bad place to wrap up two pairs of socks and Marky Mark's blanket.  I was glad to have brought just what I did, the rest would have been in the way.  

I promised pictures...
First thing in the morning! I love a sunrise and on the water? Yep, it makes me happy

Sock 2 of the first pair, good around the house socks, so cozy. Gryphon's traveller yarn, so cushy and comfy. They are finished now but I was too busy relaxing and doing nothing that I never got a beach picture of them all done!

The sock enjoying the view... it was gorgeous. The weather was chilly but mild. Perfect winter getaway style.

And the second, finished, sock from pair two. These are the Colinette Jitterbug sockettes, short little ankle things. Wore them already.

Another 'know I am thinking about those of you in 16 feet of snow right now' shot. Yeah, I am a brat.

We were serious stitchers this weekend.  Everyone was either needlepointing or knitting and lots of projects were finished.  It was fun.  Hanging out in PJ's and eating takeout what just what the doctor ordered.  And just what I needed.

I'll have pictures of Marky Mark's blanket but I must be stealth about it.  He's working home this week and I want to surprize him with the finished product.  I still need to pick up and finish the two sides  of the blanket's ribbing, something I figure I can sneak in before the end of his month and his birthday.  But dang, a blanket that's over 6 ft wide and over 7 feet long?  A lot of work and a lot of satisfaction in having it finished.  I want to spread it out to get the full shot.  Soon, soon, just let me finish that ribbing.