Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I try

Working on getting it together around here.  I've had lots of waiting room fun, which equals lots of knitting time.  But sadly a lost camera cable is causing me grief today.

I'm almost done with some socks out of yarn from Gryphon's shop .  It's her traveller sock yarn and I am loving the sproing! quality.  I am so happy that it is not doing any funky pooling or striping but the colors are just spotting around like a good handpainted yarn should.  Very happy with it.  (No pictures!?  Nope.  I will find the cable for the camera somewhere in this house.  Big Brother was using it last and he's in school, so we all have to wait to see.)

The pink and purple socks are riding in the backseat of my car right now.  Being neglected.  I'm at that boring long stretch of the foot and got distracted by the fun lace of the other socks... so... not much happening there.  And since I can't exactly show progress, all is good.

Thursday I am running away from home.  I have it all planned but it feels like running away!  My long-time-childhood-friend-stitching-group is going off to Destin Florida for a girl's weekend.  I'm going to win the prize for the biggest haul of stuff because I am bringing along all the big almost finished projects to wrap up.  Mark's blanket, the pinwheel jacket, and those socks.  I think I can get a bit done on them all.  I would love to wrap up at least one of them.  Hoping the 5 hour drive is enough to finish the socks.  I'm carpooling and in the passenger seat this trip.  Ahhhhhh.   A whole weekend with nothing but knit time.

And if I run out of things to do?  Well, of course there is a place to restock my bag,  Unwind with Yarn.  I have to make a comment here about craft store names.  When you try to get creative it can sometimes bomb bigtime.  All the good ones are taken.  My mother, not sure what she was thinking, opened a shop in Highlands NC years go when she was a full-time resident.  She named it "Needlepoint... is pretty wonderful".  Complete with those "..." in the legal name.  We teased her about it a lot.  When she sold it to her employee she promptly renamed it "Needlepoint of Highlands".  It was a thriving business though so I guess a name is just that.