Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Impatient? Me?

Wow, for some reason these colors uploaded funky.  All of them have a weird overcast washed out quality on my computer.  Huh.  Oh well, the colors are much prettier then what I'm seeing.

On to the knitting...  If I could unfurl this baby right now I would be doing a happy dance.  I am almost there.  These last few rows are so much bigger than the center of the pinwheel that they are just taking me forever.  I like the bit of red on the edge.  It's some fun.  This may be about the most obnoxious bit of knitting to come off my needles.  It's loud and colorful.

I picked up the yarn for my next project, a cotton top.  Not entirely set on which top, but I am thinking a lacy tee that I can wear over a tank.  I like these colors, thinking edge with the darker blue to give it some sass.  We'll see when I actually start the knitting.

Also picked up some Fiesta Boomerang.  Man that stuff is lush.  Big fat around the house socks for me.  Goofy colorful things.