Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Can't wait to knit

How long does it take to knit a short row heel?  As long as I waited for the doctor and then a few rows more.  And who knows what ick I may have picked up while waiting in there surrounded by people with all manner of coughs.

I had three people ask me what I was making, not counting the nurse.  One man actually moved closer to carry on a conversation.  He was intrigued that I was not looking at my knitting.  My doctor's office is located off the hospital atrium with a wall of glass, so there is good people watching.  And the place was packed today.  He was nice enough and very interested.  He was telling me how his mother once knit a blanket, which when she switched to longer circular needles she accidentally went up a needle size too and the thing is trapezoidal.  He said she still uses it though.  He went on to tell me all about his father who knit a sweater and a hat and never knit again.  He wanted to know how I knew how to do "those rows that don't go all the way across"  Yeah, it was a long wait.  

he also told me a funny little joke:
There's this preacher who just does not have the knack for reaching his congregation.  His wife takes up knitting and brings it to church and all of a sudden his sermons are amazing.  This goes on for months until his wife is called to help look after the kids in the nursery one Sunday.  The preacher panics, looking for his wife.  When they tell him where she is he announces no sermon today.  Turns out she wasn't knitting at all, she was using sign language to feed him his sermons.  

(Well, I thought it was cute.)