Saturday, February 16, 2008

Peek into my knitting bag...

Another color done on the Pinwheel.  I actually got to the next color last night, aqua.  This is fun to knit up.  I've gotten to the point where there are enough spaces between the increases so I might need stitch markers.  If you are looking for fun and quick this one definitely is that.  I think I may use the leftover yarn to make another for PeeWee, I have enough to make one that almost matches.  Much skinnier stripes for hers.

Yesterday I picked up yarn for a cotton tank top and I swatched for socks.  I'm not starting another project without finishing the Pinwheel Jacket.  Behaving myself right now.  The pink and purple socks are slowly moving along.  I'm just knitting a bit on them here and there.  It's a nice traveling sock.  A few rows while waiting here and there.

Not much exciting here knit-wise.  Hopefully the sun will come out today so I can get some pictures.  It's not looking promising though.  The clouds are thick and grey already.  Good hunker down and finish that jacket weather.