Friday, February 08, 2008


Colinette Jitterbug sock-ette,  aka short ankle socks with a short row heel.  The stripes are making me happy, I like a bright ugly sock.  I rarely find I am cold enough to wear wool socks out and about here in New Orleans.  Lacy ones, yeah, I wear those a lot and I think my next pair will be lacy.  These are knit on Addi Turbo 2's, smaller I should be using, this fabric is tight.  They should wear like iron.

The Pinwheel Jacket in action.  Well, sort of, because my printer is way the heck upstairs and I am too lazy to bring the laptop up there these days.  So I sort of skimmed over the directions and am hoping it turns out.  More overly bright colors in action.  I can wear them with the socks.  It looks like a Rasta hat right now bunched up like it is.

The spiral is cool.  I'm really uncertain how this is going to wear, but I am enjoying the knit itself.  I'm ready to put the stitches on hold for the sleeves and keep moving on to the finish.  This is surprisingly quick to knit.  This Noro Cash Iroha is delightful to work with.  It's wooly but not harsh in the least.  The cashmere content makes it soft and springy.  I love the color ways with the other Noro yarns but I just can't get past the scratchy feel in the skein.  Too many choices out there for me to pick up scratchy yarn.

The kids have been out of school for the week for Mardi Gras, which was fun.  (I know- a week? Marky Mark can't understand it either.  Hey, it means I don't have to be dressed at 7:20.)  We were a family unit, my favorite kind of costume.  PeeWee picked out Super Hero Princesses, yeah baby.  It was a whirlwind from my birthday until now, and honestly I didn't realize it's Friday.  Lots of catching up this part of the world.  Holidays always seem to throw me off a bit.

Everyone left the house so I'm off to pick up that jacket and get some more work done on it.  Have a great weekend!