Thursday, March 06, 2008

Knitting break

While I dearly love knitting, I have been itching to do some other needlework lately.  It's starting to get warm already and while I have a few projects lined up I am ready for a bit of a break from the knitting.  Not to say that doesn't mean I will post this and go cast on for a new project, just that in general here at Mom's house things are in a rut.

I signed up for an online class from Joggles.

It's a small art quilt class, and aside from the fact that I now have more fabric to store, I am so far enjoying it.  I have another few classes I am up for, including one that begins today, all of which focus on different stitching techniques.  

I'm hoping to come away from this refreshed.  Things here are moving a bit too slowly for my taste.  We've been sitting for two weeks waiting for PeeWee to have some tests scheduled, frustrated that it has to be done at a different hospital than we go to for safety reasons.  Not that our hospital is anything but the best, she has to have a pediatric cardio-thorasic surgeon in the building for this one, since there is a small risk of them needing to open her up if something goes wrong.  Our pediatric cardio-thorasic surgeon moved about a year ago and there is some down time when recruiting a great replacement.  Which leads me to the fact that this test is the first step towards her next open heart surgery, which will be coming up soon.  She's doing great, but she has grown 30+ pounds since they fixed her so there is maintenance that needs doing.  

Not to worry, that's all down the line, and a huge tangent I just went off on.  My point is I need some extra mental stimulation.  Knitting, while soothing, doesn't always engage my brain in a way which lets me lose focus and forget things I have no control over, which you just can't help but worry about.  So the classes are hopefully going to get me moving in a different creative direction for a while.