Friday, April 18, 2008

Home is good

PeeWee says thanks for the well wishes.  We're home now and aside from a little limp where she's got a few band-aids you'd never know she'd been in the hospital.  Kids are so resilient.  I feel like going back to bed and she's on the go!

Yes, those are the socks in bed with her.  I worked on them quite a bit but was so exhausted that I just couldn't focus one tiny bit so alas, they are not quite done.  Plus, I was making a conscious effort to knit loosely so as not to have some super tight sock and that had the opposite effect.  Weird pooling once again.  Tough luck though.

Things went exceptionally well.  They found things are functioning above what they expected and so there is likely another year before they operate again!  We have some other tests they would like to do, mostly for future diagnostics but I'm not even thinking about those today.