Monday, May 05, 2008

Got the blues

Everything I am knitting is blue.  Or some shade of it.  Even the planned knitting I have up my sleeve.  It must be because it's gotten hot.  Not quite drowning while breathing hot yet but that's coming.  

The socks I've been working on are tight.  My mother is turning 70 in a few weeks so I hope I can wrap them up for her by then.  The cable crosses with this pattern are new to me, complete with a decrease and yo in the cable, and they snugged things up a bit.  I'm also gauging the yarn usage and thinking they are going to come up short so her dainty girl feet will be better suited to them than my thick manish feet.  Check gauge?  Why when you can always find a foot to fit?

I started a little dress for PeeWee.  It's blue.  And blue.  Her newest favorite color.  Since she changes her mind every 18 minutes lately we'll see how she feels about blue when it's finished.  I always said 3 was tougher than 2 and this kid is proving my theory right lately.  We went on a walk around the block last night after dinner and after deciding 32 different times which way we were going to walk the second half of the block home, Marky Mark picked her up and she screamed about wanting to go that way for about 40 minutes.  We kept asking her if she wanted to go back out and walk the other way around the block but NOOoooo!!! she didn't want to go on another walk she just wanted us to know she wanted to go that way.  Oh man.  She is something else.

The next project is going to be using this squishy bit of yarn.  Not sure what it'll turn into yet but it's next up for me.

The veggie garden we put in is thriving. I can't wait to get some harvest. The zucchini is going crazy and everything else looks ready to bloom or is working blooms for about a week now. PeeWee is thrilled with her little project. Big Brother and I always had a little pot garden but we had lots of shade so stuck with cucumbers and such which would tolerate it better. Here we have a good bit of sun. And Marky Mark was willing to sacrifice beauty in a tiny corner along the driveway for us. Asking a landscaper to fit a veggie garden in his yard when he has grand ideas? It took a little convincing and we're lucky he did the grunt work.

We're having more plumbing issues.  Have I mentioned I am sick to death of this house?  I love our block too much to even think of moving but I really really hate this place today.  After rebuilding it you would think I would have a certain appreciation for it but instead I am ready to walk away and not look back.  

The winner for the blogiversary comments will be coming shortly.  Big Brother will be picking a name when he gets out of school this afternoon.  Thanks for the comments.  I think for now I'll stick with my random posts until I can narrow things down a bit.  I'd gotten to hearing crickets when I post and was wondering if it was worth it to keep up with things.  It sounds like I do have an audience so for now I'll still be here!