Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Feast or Famine

It is all or nothing with me.  I either have weeks where I am trying to find a second to come up for air or weeks where I'm hearing crickets and nothing is happening.

The last few weeks of school for the kids are always over booked.  I put myself on the back burner and it still ends up being crazy busy.

I'm working in a few quiet days for myself, now while I can, but even those are being taken over.  I wouldn't mind being the little munchkins who get to hang out here:

Just for a morning or two.

I'm working away on my father's birthday present socks.  The Log Cabin ones.  I need to grab another ball of yarn from my LYS to finish them.  Quick so far but since I have until Saturday to wrap them up it's looking a little iffy.  I have a meeting today and I will bring them along for that.  It's at a Mexican restaurant so I am not sure they will even leave the bag unless it's a mostly business meeting.  The idea of pico on them makes me shudder.

The vegetable garden here is thriving.  So are our satsumas.  The navel oranges have no fruit at all but these are doing pretty good.

We're going to have baby zucchinis in the next day or two.  PeeWee is excited about that prospect.  She has to check on her garden every single day.  It's so cute how excited she gets.  

Big Brother is in the midst of exams.  I do not envy him.  He's working pretty hard and will hopefully have a lot of good to show for his work.  He leaves for a tour of Europe, thanks to his grandparents, the end of this  month.  I do envy him that.  We're working out our travel plans for the summer, they go from exciting to disappointing in about 4 seconds.  While showing Mark what was available on a trip to Alaska, the best room for us was booked.  It's one of about 3 places we wants to go and is willing to go so we're trying to figure out another solution.

Any great places to go where it is actually not 856 degrees?  We're open to suggestions!