Friday, May 16, 2008

FO Sighting in New Orleans

A mere yards of yarn left.  I even had to graft yarn to one sock to finish it.  Talk about knitting two socks on two needles.  I was knitting them from two end of the same last few yards of yarn!

These are for my mother for her 70th birthday next week.  Not only an FO but even finished early.  Early!!  Never happens around here.  At least not lately. 

Several other wads of tangled knotted looped up yarn are on needles now, teasing me that they will indeed turn into wearable garments before long.  Nothing worth showing pictures of.

The other needles in my life- the sewing machine type- have been really busy lately though.  I've been whipping up aprons and cute skirt and shirt sets for etsy.  I have a nice little assembly line set up in my sewing room.  I haven't done this much sewing since Big Brother was about PeeWee's age.  And if you're wondering, she's already at that I can't smile like a normal human being for the next 14 years stage.  So much for sweet smiles in pictures from now on!