Saturday, June 14, 2008

It's not like I have given up stitching altogether...

I've been doing a bit of needlepoint.

It used to bore me senseless.  I've needed something that takes a bit of concentration lately though, so it's been a great diversion.  This is the third ornament this month.  I finished two last week on vacation and I am trying to get this one wrapped up before we go to have it dropped off for finishing.  I am proud of the quality of my sewing but am aware that certain things should be left to the pros.  Needlepoint is not a cheap hobby, but I am thinking of painting canvases again to offset those costs.  I have a bunch of ideas and need to set them out and clear a little work spot for myself.  

Have I mentioned here I really need a huge studio space?  It's not like the things I do take up a lot of room, it's that I need to have 28 different projects going at once and the idea of having to set one aside to be able to start another just does not sit well with my creative brain.  I like a cluttered work station, at least one that looks cluttered to the rest of the world but simply several works in progress to me.  There are a few solutions in my head but they all take a lot of money.  Why is it that's always the case?

I'll knit more when we leave town again, I'm sure of it.  I'm kind of itching to do it but sort of uninspired right now.  I want to work little projects these days.  I may start making up some knitted ornaments or something else small and fun.  It may be time to cycle into the preemie hats again, too.  Color work is sounding pretty good to me these days.

We'll see what makes its way into the suitcase this time around.  It'll be a surprise.