Monday, May 01, 2006

oooooo color

The yarn experiment went well. So well in fact that we went out and got more wool! And found some leftovers. And tried a wool/acrylic blend. It was very fun. Definately a good project with the kids. The colors are so much more vibrant than I was expecting. I think we should have used more Kool-aid with the sock yarn though. I thought we had enough with 5 packets. I like the way it is knitting up though. The areas of white and the lighter colors make it a little easier to look at. Kool-aid makes some bright yarn!
I really can't wait to have a finished project. I need to do a little math, but if there's enough for a loosely knit sweater, I may make one for Pee-Wee out of this yarn. It is so cheery. Just has her name all over it. I am going to have to hide this yarn so I don't start another project. At least until the orange socks are finished.

I have to say my favorite color is the cherry red. The berry blue is a close second. We tried pineapple and mango and they were just about the same shade of yellow.
Then I got a little anxious that the yellow wasn't bright enough and went to the corner store where they only had tangerine. I thought that would be the same color- it was more orange than yellow, but it works. Happy with the results. And I got a 'this IS really cool' out of Big Brother. He wanted to try mixing all sorts of colors. We saved one ball of wool for him to use later. He can knit himself (or Pee-Wee) something with it. A fruity smelling something. The whole place smells like hard candy. But that's a huge improvement over the wet-sheep-covered-with-Kool-aid stink we had for two days while the yarn dried!

Yesterday was a big day for Big Brother, too. It was Tom Sawyer Day at school, so they got to pretty much play hookey on a field trip. It was fun. I brought Pee-Wee and we joined them for a picnic lunch. Then we went off on a driving adventure, passed the lighting store a few times, called Onstar
only to find we were sitting at a light right in front of the place. Usually happens that way for me. I wonder if they get a prize for helping the stupidest driver. My brother (Happy Birthday!) has asked me a few times if I really use Onstar. Yes, I do. I need someone to tell me I am where I should be. But- I got the fixtures and the electrician is headed to our house. We'll have kitchen lighting. One step closer to done. Yesterday we had shutters installed in our bedroom. Very finished looking.