Saturday, May 27, 2006

The end of the marathon

It has been busy in the flood zone. My One and Only replaced the molding around the windows, patched and sanded it, so it's ready for painting. The baseboards are ready to go in, too. The crown molding is still sitting in the hall. I can't wait until everything is installed.

The plumber is coming sometime next week to install the hot water heater and lundry room sink. If I am lucky, the stove will have arrived and we'll get him to hook that up as well.

The cabinets arrived yesterday- they are so good looking. Some of it was a surprize- the hutch we are putting in pretty much a complete one, except we had picked the color. I had no idea what the knobs looked like but they are really nice. The other cabinet latches are very slick, though they are nothing like what I had pictured. In this case, surprizes are good. I like it. It's hard to believe I am going to have a kitchen again. Or that we will be home very soon. Such a huge relief. And very exciting!

Granny went by and checked out the paint colors- she approved. She asked My One and Only what we were doing with furniture and he just gave her a blank stare. He just knows what is on his list. She brought us a pillow she needlepointed for the house before the flood. I love it! The monkeys are furry!

I have been working on the ugly socks. Determined to finish them. Very slow knitting. But they are remarkably comfy, so I have that incentive to get done. But really... are there uncomfortable hand knitted socks? Even ugly ones?