Monday, July 17, 2006

Some things you can't pass up

I don't know why I am always surprized when my plans change. Saturday I had no knitting time in the car because I ended up driving. And bringing along my mother in law. PeeWee slept the whole way over and the plan was to stay an hour and sneak out when the bride to be started opening her shower gifts. Well, I tried that but PeeWee had been snatched up by The Aunts (my mother in law's sisters) and we couldn't get out the door. I had hoped to get out of there before it was late enough for PeeWee to fall asleep in the car again. You really can't sneak out of a party when the front door is behind the honoree and she's in the spotlight. So, soon as she was done we ran out of there and about 23 miles into the 24 mile causeway PeeWee crashed. It was a late night. She woke up from the car rarin' to go. Good thing My One and Only was well rested from a day off.

My blue sweater I started when I swore I wasn't going to start new projects is chugging along nicely, considering a total lack of knitting time. The sweater is an unknown blue wool/acrylic mohairy blend that's been in a ziplok bag for a few years. I know there's a lot of it, plenty for a sweater, but it was picked up during a yarn swap and had been balled into beautiful round sphere's, with no sign of a ball band to be found. But, there's a lot of yarn in there. And it is soooo soft. It's almost hard to touch it's so soft. It wants to slip right out of your fingers. I am happy with the unknown. The first 6 inches or so is a k6, p2 rib that I reduced to a k4, p2 rib. A bit of sassy flair. I like the scallop it is making where the knitting wants to curl. Plus, it gives a little more room for my behind to hide in the extra fabric. I like a little A-line in things.

I am working on some socks begun before the no new projects diet started. They are Lorna's Laces Hawaii. I like the way it is knitting up for the most part. I am knitting just a plain old sock so I don't compete with all that great color. I did about 5 rows of stockinette then 5 rows of 2x2 ribbing and the rest is just plain old sock. I like them short so I am starting the heels now. Like most of the Lorna's Laces I have chosen to use so far, they are bright and happy colors.

I went out today looking for
a box to store yarn in. Keeping it hidden keeps PeeWee from tangling it into a crazy mess. I looked and looked, but instead of a box, I found this very fun orange basket, complete with belt buckle closure on the handle. I figure the orange works with the laundry (go on and justify it, Sarah), it is cheery, and it was on sale. I also came home with 2 bottles of wine I couldn't resist.

Vampire and Il Bastardo.

How do you pass up wine with names like those? You don't. I am a wine idiot (I know so little). It is apparently not genetic knowledge passed down through the generations, because my father and his brother are big connoiseurs (I don't even think I can spell that right) and their sister is married to an importer. And I buy wine because it has a funny name. And yes! the Vampire is from Transylvania. Couldn't pass it up.