Sunday, July 09, 2006

Yeah, yeah...

I do know that a knitting blog with no pictures is, well, boring. So here are some I am sharing.

We had this flowerbed on the side of the house that had a lovely yellow climbing rose that was out of control and the whole thing was totally in the way. It had become an unfortunate holding place for the most unattractive garbage. We decided in the interest of pretending to create more space to bust it out. My vision is a play area for PeeWee, complete with a swing set and a slide. My One and Only thinks he is putting in a walkway to the backyard. There will be some discussion about this one. If I am going into the backyard I am going out the door to the backyard, not the kitchen door. The idea is to create space, get rid of something useless. He just has this thing for walkways going all over the place. He wants to put one down the side of the pool, too. Can you say runway? I am not so sure we have the same vision for the yard. I am not sure we have the same vision for most things involving this house. But he hasn't complained yet about anything major. Well, except the stove and fridge. Pretty major! They are a beautiful robin's egg blue and he recently told me how much he hates that color. Well, that was an expensive boo-boo. So, around here if you don't speak up, you definately have to live with the consequences. Since I didn't speak up about the poolhouse and am really not thrilled with the space, I'm speaking up about this. I don't want a house I am not happy with. My One and Only keeps saying how much he hates this house, so I figure since I am the one who loves it and really finds it works for us, I think my opinion has more weight. Plus, I am way more childish about getting my way, so there.

Well, THAT was charming... How about some knitting?

I have everything pretty much ready to ship to my exchangee, with the exception of finishing one project- needs ends woven in and the final touches. Here's a sneak peek! I am pretty happy with what's going out. It got fun in the last few days, looking around for things to knit with. A few things haven't been tried yet, if there's time later today, maybe... I wish I had been part of this exchange in the past so I had a clue if what I am sending is appropriate or not. Oh well, I guess I will find that out when my box arrives... I hope my exchangee will like her goodies. Why am I so anxious about this? Ack! Maybe because it's so new to me... I just hope my knitting isn't too scrutinized! I have to say though, I don't think the person I am knitting for seems like someone who might pick things apart looking for flaws. All my knitting insecurities are coming out here. I am so full of charm today. Oh well!

I started this thing with tulle- I bought 100 yards of it at the craft store. I am thinking it will be a bag when it is all done. I have never knitted with the stuff before and it has a mind of it's own. I like the fabric it is making. The big needles are hard to work with, but the tulle is not as hard on the hands as I thought it would be. It's very stretchy. I started out with size 11 needles and felt like I was making some kind of bullet-proof vest it was so stiff! So, I kept jumping up and feel pretty happy with it now. I am picturing an envelope-type bag that could hang on a doorknob and hold yarn, of course! The more places you can find to put the stuff, the more you can spread it out so it just doesn't seem like you have much at all! Logical? Completely. I keep looking at the bins of yarn that I have yet to deal with and I wish I could figure out a way to knit in my sleep. I know I am not the first person to wonder how to make that work. I am officially on a yarn diet though. I want to finish up all the UFO's around here. I am kind of embarrassed my the whole pile of them. As I unpack, I keep turning up new things that were stuffed away with all my other debris. My plan when PeeWee goes to school on Tuesday is to gather them all up and not start anything new until I finish what I am working on. But, I'll excuse preemie hats and socks from that list, of course. The preemie hats use up all sorts of bits and pieces of my stash and well, socks are the perfect portable project. My plan for getting things finished is to bring only those things to North Carolina when we go at the end of the month. That's a lot of car time to get knitting finished! The two things I want done before August is over are a sweater that has about 20 more rows on both sleeves (knitting them at the same time) and a sweater for a friend's son that is pretty much the same thing- sleeves.

One final thing... My mother bought us this for the house. I love it! It is glass and amazing! So, just one final picture I want to share. Boring? Me? Well, I may be, but at least I have pictures!