Saturday, July 08, 2006

Spreading the word!

I have this need (I am sure you can all understand) to spread the word. A friend's birthday is coming up and I got her the best goodie basket of knitting equipment. She doesn't know it yet, but she's learning to knit! I got some good yarn- a treat you usually don't start knitting with- and nice needles and a book, a basket to hold everything in, and a little packet of notions. I can't wait to teach her! She expressed an interest a while back and now, well, she's gonna learn. In fact, she wanted to know if she could knit socks first, but I think maybe a little something should be first, then socks. I'd rather ease her in.... she still has a family to take care of! So, welcome to the world of knitting!

Another friend wants to learn too and asked me to start a knitting group. As soon as our couch arrives I plan on doing just that. I would love the company- minus kids though. Or with babysitters... Much as I love them, it is just too hard to knit with a group with little munchkins demanding attention. PeeWee loves to unwind yarn and has the most amazing knack for creating huge knots that take hours to undo. So, she'll have to be supervised...

We had been getting together for weekend retreats to Pass Christian, MS for knitting and needlepoint- girl's only! Since the whole place was washed away with Katrina (though the house we went to is remarkably still standing) we have stopped those get-togethers. But, the friend who was the organizer of the whole thing recently said she wants to do a few nights here and there to get everyone together and give them all a break. So, I offered up my house as soon as we have sufficient seating.

Speaking of the house, it is coming along nicely. I felt like it was really finished when we moved back in (love is blind) but there are lots of things we need to get wrapped up. Still, no doors. No doors ordered even. With the holiday and the stomach bug and My One and Only's long hours lately we haven't had a chance to go to the place and get them ordered. And, yes, normally I would go myself, since I am the one who's going to have the opinions, but I have no idea where "the place" is. The only problem with no doors is the lack of a bathroom door downstairs. I think we have one that we can pop in temporarily though, should we socialize any time soon. I know we have a laundryroom door we can use, too. For now we have a baby gate to keep PeeWee out of the laundry, and I am pretty tired of tripping over it. I should know better, since my mother shattered her ankle last summer falling over one... (add that to the list of lessons we SHOULD learn from our mothers...)

There are still a few plumbing issues, mainly the lack of a dishwasher. Washing by hand has lost it's charm. We now create a huge pile of garbage daily thanks to the paper plates we're consuming at an alarming rate. They are going to be abe to build an island with the debris they are picking up around here. In fact, that would be a good use for it. But, being Louisiana, the organization of something like that just wouldn't ever happen. Too bad, because there's a mountain of junk hauled away from here everyday. Wherever it's going they have new land being built. I still see the trucks at night, not so much during the day like you used to. But the freeway is full of the loads running out of town.