Monday, July 03, 2006

It's the thought that counts

I love getting things off the needles. I have been wrapping up things for my Rowan Yarn exchangee and it's been so much fun! She is a fan of blue and I have found so many beautiful things to do with blue yarn. Some I had already and some I bought just for her.

I have tried some new yarns and new things and it's been very fun. I like knitting things for the house instead of a person. I've been looking at knitting in a new way, and these last few days I've been cranking out some interesting little do-dads for her. I've had a few failures, things that are going into the toy box instead of the shipping box... It's not quite so nerve-wracking worrying if it fits or if it will look good. It is either a success right away or a total loss. No skin off my back! I am a little anxious if she will like what's coming her way, though... I am hoping so! I have some finishing touches to wrap up, but I am pretty much finished with the whole thing. Wow- ahead of schedule. So far, that is. Remember, I've learned not to look too far ahead!

I'm also pretty curious what's being made for me! Ohhhh, that makes me sound so darn greedy. Well, I am really doing this for the fun of making things for someone else, not for what I will recieve. In fact, I kind of forgot there would be something coming my way until My One and Only asked me if my exchangee was making something for me too. I think he is coveting something that's heading out in a box next week... So, it'll be like Merry-Half-Christmas here soon. We always celebrated that at camp- you picked a name and made something for them and we did a gift exchange. I like those. I like surprizing people. The hunt for the perfect thing you think they will like is such a challenge.

My friend in Indiana sent me a welcome home house warming gift and it was perfect. A signed copy of a Barefoot Contessa cookbook. Months ago she had casually asked me if I liked to cook, knowing she was fishing for info since my cookbooks flooded. She is totally thoughtful! She sent a big old care package to a friend who just had a baby recently, too. I want to be THAT kind of friend. Working on it.

Big Brother has come home, but we've barely seen him. It took about 17 minutes for his room to turn into a tornado's destruction path. You really can't even get in there. I was impressed. He had a friend spend the night and the blow-up bed is the last thing they could fit in the room. Ahhhh. I knew it was quiet when he was gone.

PeeWee has found the basket of yarn and has had a blast unwinding the odds and ends around the hallway, into the kitchen and back into the family room. She's got artist written all over her future. Her favorite toy is anything you can color with. We got her a magnadoodle type thing and she loves it. She draws pictures (scribbles) of us and blows them kisses. Warms your heart.