Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Back to normal

Well! The last few weeks around here have been over booked. We're working on getting back to daily life, it's taking a bit of effort though.

We took PeeWee to her cardiologist and we got another stay of at least 6 months until the next surgery. She's just the amazing baby, I tell you. She will have to have another open heart surgery some day down the line, but for now we are in the clear. She's definitely got her guardian angel watching out for her.

Very little knitting time. Very little. This weekend I photographed a wedding for a friend from my college days. I didn't like the responsibility of knowing if I blew it there wasn't a do-over. I was a nervous wreck waiting for the files to upload, convinced I must have shook or done something else horrible. It was outside and insanely hot, I was sweating and couldn't even really see, so I was some glad when most of the images turned out to be not only usable but pretty good. Glad it's all finished.

We had a wedding houseguest for the week, he is the easiest person to have around. I am not the greatest host, I really don't like houseguests. It was great to have him around though. (He kept asking about my knitting friends.) We haven't seen him in 5 years, he's been in Germany, so it was a treat he chose to stay here. (He had some other offers.)

Hmmmm, knitting you say? Well, even with all this crazyness going on around here, I managed to finish PeeWee's pants. They are cute, if I say so myself. Sorry there's no pattern, it was in my head and never made it to paper, nor will it. But here's what I did, measured her inseam, around her thighs and ankles to get a general idea of size. I measured around her waist also and remembered to add some extra stitches to create a crotch gusset. Knit the legs at the same time in the round on 2 circs, got to the inseam length, increased for the gusset stitches, joined the whole thing in the round, left the gussets on waste yarn to kitchener stitch up later, increased for the thicker measurement around the waist. Short rows made up the butt bubble. Easy peasy. I am in love with Cascade 220 right now, this is the superwash. I'm looking through books for a pattern for the matching swing coat. I think I am going with Anne Budd's general sweater pattern plus some swing. Maybe travelling cables...

Until I figure out that one, I will be knitting on who knows what. I think I am going to save the second Sockapalooza sock for an upcoming drive to North Carolina. Vacation knitting, ahhhhh. I am sure I will have an entire suitcase of knitting to entertain me. I want to start some simple plain knit socks, something mindless with a simple repeat. I started a pair and was not happy with the way the colors were behaving, then when I slippped it on it was huge. So yet another ripped sock. I am saving my Hurricane sock until I can wrap my brain around the cast-on, it's something new to me, so until I feel brave enough for a new trick, I'll be sticking with simple. My Hurricane buddy Carole was great, she really outdid herself. We had each other, which I accidentally figured out, but kept quiet about, boy was THAT hard! I SO appreciate all the work Christy put into the whole thing. I was very happy with the whole exchange, even though I still feel a little bad for my tardy mail out.

My camera is misbehaving, I think it is mad at me from the wedding. I am having flash issues and will have to send it in for a repair. And we're going to the mountains this weekend. I may just wait to send it in because I can use an external flash, but when I tried on PeeWee's pants I noticed it was acting up and got so annoyed and frustrated I said forget it, I'll update with pictures of knitting tomorrow though, when I get her in the pants. Instead I will try to satisfy with a picture of the happy couple: