Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Mail Call!

Well, I have been missing all weekend, but the mailman hasn't!

Here's a close up of the package sent by my wonderful Hurricane Sock Party pal:

She included all sorts of fun goodies, row counters, stitch markers, a waterproof container to store things in. A whole bunch of doo dads, candy, light-up needles, a little handmade paper notecard set, ummmm, I must be forgetting something! ANyway you can see it all here, she was very generous!

The sock is red! It's a great lacy pattern, and it fits perfectly! I am looking forward to finishing the second one and getting to wear them.

I was a little late mailing out my package, it will arrive where it needs to be Thursday. Things caught up with me over the weekend somehow. I'll update more after tomorrow. Just sneaking in a minute to jump on here!