Thursday, May 31, 2007

Still Knitting

I finished the first sock for sockapalooza 4! I set it aside with all my notes for the pattern changes until I get a minute to cast on for number 2. I have loved this pattern. It will stay on my list for things to knit for gifts, they are so cozy. I want some myself in fact. I love the rich purple color.

I cast on for a pair of pants for PeeWee to go with her swing jacket I plan on making from my list this summer. More Cascade 220- it's my favorite right now. It was Mark's idea to go with pants. He slipped the sockapalooza sock on her leg for size and announced I ought to make her pants. So I cast on for both legs in the round on 2 circs and have gotten about 3 inches up them. It's totally knit as you go, no pattern so I figured I better do them together or there's no telling what could happen with leg 2. I'll get a picture when there's something to show.

Things have been busy here! We have had drop in dinner guests, Big Brother's friends coming and going, and we even have an unexpected guest from Germany coming Saturday. Well, only partly unexpected. We thought he was coming in town on Tuesday. My bad.

Our anniversary is tomorrow and the week's plans snowball from there, ending with a wedding I am photographing next weekend. I hope I can sneak in lots of knitting time in between here and there. I'm not counting on it though. I am counting on lots of socializing, a few wedding parties, lots of PeeWee (they have a week off from nursery) and (cross fingers) some me time at the coffee shop.

I've neglected not only my blog but everyone else's too, so I am off to do some catching up!