Sunday, May 20, 2007

A contest!

Ali over at Skeins Her Way is having a great contest. Jump over there and let her know I sent you.

Here's my list of summer goals:

1) Finish my sockapalooza socks- almost halfway there on that one

2) Knit PeeWee a swing coat and matching hat.

3) Start a vest for my father for Christmas (yes, this year I WILL finish one for him)

4) Knit myself red Valentine's socks- the pattern's rattling around in my head, write the pattern, and post it to the website

5) Finish Big Brother's ginormous socks

6) Finish the blue top

7) Finish PeeWee's dress, write the pattern and post it to the website

8) Finish and piece Mark's blanket

9) Knit 10 preemie hats

10) Knit at least a few stitches every day

I know these aren't the loftiest of goals, they sound like pretty much everyday things. I've been scattered lately though so a concrete list is going to help me focus. Getting knocked off balance by life has a way of making normal things difficult to accomplish. We're also bracing ourselves for surgery for PeeWee, so I don't want to overwhelm myself. If we get the all clear from the cardiologists in June I may just update this list and add a few things to challenge myself.

In my current knitting world I am working on my sockapalooza pal's socks. Just cugging along with those. They are coming along really well.

I picked back up the blue top, cast off with the k2tog, slip the stitch back on the left needle temporary cast off and tried it on. It may just work. If not, I'll pass it along, but there's a chance I might actually be able to wear it. So I got inspired to pull it out and keep working. It has outgrown the ziploc bag now so I need to wrap it up before PeeWee discovers the dpn's aren't permanently attached to anything....

I have ripped out the two pairs of disasterous socks I started. I am putting the yarn back into the stash and bringing it back out when these other projects are all wrapped up. I was doing so well with the yarn monogamy, all these WIP's are bugging me. And like I mentioned, I need clear cut directions these days. I need to narrow down my choices with everything.

A thorough spring cleaning is going on in our house. I'm sick of living out of laundry baskets! So the closets are all getting a good going over. PeeWee and Big Brother have outgrown so many clothes that are cluttering up our space. I need to get some of those giant Ziploc's and put away the winter things. I have ample closet space, the best thing being big cabinets above for storing off-season things.

So don't forget to hop over to Ali's contest to get a shot at her really great prize.