Saturday, May 19, 2007

And this is just the yarn

So..... that spring cleaning I was talking about doing?

Well, this is what the hallway looks like when you decide it is past time to tackle the studio.

The studio is a pretty small corner of the laundryroom, so I had no idea it could even hold this much yarn! It is the room where things get piled up when we want to tidy the rest of the house, papers, laundry, ironing and then all my craft supplies. I am halfway through the re-organizing, and the yarn was just underfoot. I am working on a great storage plan, just need a few PeeWee free moments to execute it fully. It also involves a few trips up and down the stairs.

It's just a mommy daughter weekend here Chez Mom. I'm going to head off to the craft store with PeeWee today for something special just the two of us can make together. I've been looking for a good kids craft idea website. Anybody have a favorite? I'm going to put together a craft kit box. I'll get the supplies together with idea sheets and bag them all up together in ziplocs and stick them in our art box. It'll be something good for those days when the ideas are running short.