Saturday, May 05, 2007


First, my Hurricane socks. I have fallen back in love with the pattern. Simple and easy when you're not turning heels and decreasing gussets. They will hopefully be a good match for my buddy. I have been gathering fun goodies for my package too. My buddy longed for a nifty knitting gadget and I found just the perfect thing! It makes my day to be able to send this along with her socks. I am going to go peeking around my LYS for something else specific to add to the package. Not necessarily something on her wish list, but something I know they used to carry which is pretty and practical, which sounds like her from the snooping I have managed to do. Wish me luck! This is getting fun! We're getting to the finish line with the knitting and shipping too. Hurricane Season starts June 1! My Hurricane Sock Party has morphed into a theme of sorts too, without me even realising it. I was looking at things to be sent out and noticed I've got a theme going.

Second, my sockapalooza planning. I am eyeing some Cookie A designs and trying to decide which will work the best here. I am lucky my partner for this has given me a fairly broad range to work in. I get a lot of satisfaction out of knitting for others and these exchanges seem to be a good match for me right now. They are relatively small projects, portable, and give me the chance to try something new.

Third, PeeWee's dress. Already a few modifications to the pattern. I know, I too am shocked. I like this cotton candy crazy bright pink I am using. It just shouts PeeWee. Flippy, flirty, summery fun. My nutty girl.

And lastly, the top that's not quite right for my body. I changed from mistake rib to stockinette with a negative ease and I will return to mistake rib for the bottom 4-5 inches. Maybe that will save this, we'll see. Like I said before it will definately work for a friend. And we never learn what not to knit if we don't make a few mistakes along the way! I have many many sewing "wadders" things wadded up in the bottom of the sewing closet, horrible mistakes. At least with knitting, you can unravel your yarn and begin again...