Thursday, May 03, 2007

Spring Fever

So, four months of monogamous knitting and I have fallen off the wagon.

I have five things on needles right now. This is becoming a problem. I have this need to keep casting on! Someone help me... I want to knit so many different things, but I don't actually feel like knitting any of them. I need to take a deep breath and back away from the stash.

So what am I knitting right now? Well, there are my Hurricane Party Socks, which I have been knitting slow and steady, close to finished. The pattern needs to be paid attention to, it's been my quiet moments knitting. I like them, even though they are not something I would ever choose for myself. They are both simple and pretty and unfortunately you're gonna have to wait to see pictures until closer to ship date.

I started a top which is inspired by tempting. It's the perfect TV knit. I'm using Lion Brand Cotton Ease and liking it. It has a bit of spring. I think I am going to have to give it to my not-so-busty friend Lisa though. It aint made for my body type. When it's finished we'll see how things look on me. I'm not holding my breath though.

Last night I cast on for a dress for PeeWee. I have this pattern in my head and it needs to come out. I hope it is going to be cute enough to write out the pattern for everyone. I'm using one of my favorite baby yarns, Bernat Cotton Tots. Cheap, lightweight, durable, washable. Meets all my requirements for PeeWee. I'm drawing on my sewing skills for the construction of this one. And I'm making matching ruffle panties to go with it! This I am really excited about.

There's the blanket for Mark, which hasn't made much progress. I've been knitting on too many other things instead. Isn't that the big lesson I learned in January? That one at a time is a GOOD thing? (Well, I guess my vices could be much, much worse.)

And finally, Big Brother's Ginormous Socks. They have become my car knitting. The bag is in there for the long haul. Size 14 long.

And what's next? (Next!?! Am I crazy!!!) The sockapalooza socks of course! I'm going shopping in my stash to see if I have something that's going to work for my buddy. I think I do, but I also have something in mind I want to try. A certain color in my head. And, yes, I remember that last time I went this direction I ended up with a whole lotta yarn. All that good stuff that was on sale. Yummy yarn I otherwise would not have bought. Dreamed of but not bought. That was searching for the HSP socks, this is different. (yeah, right)

Oh and remember I mentioned the ceramic yarn? Well here it is! This stuff is really neat. It's actually cold when you touch it. Check it out if your LYS has it in stock. I was really surprized and intrigued. And they are having a design contest. It's also on their website homepage.

Sorry for the lack of knitting pictures. Next post I'll get back on that.