Monday, May 07, 2007

Flash your stash... counter?

I was winding yarn to begin my Sockapalooza exchange knitting when I looked down the length of the kitchen counter to see this...

Uh, yeah, I may have a (small) yarn problem. If you're wondering what I'm working on, well... starting from the back by the window you'll find my not for big busts top in the bag, in front of that the hat I started to keep my fingers moving, knit with the kool-aid yarn, some lorna's laces I have yet to wind, the bag sitting on top of hand knit felted pot holders, and two different Kiogu yarns, one already wound and bagged up.

My name is Sarah and I knit.

I finished my HSP sock! I was glad to graft that toe. I was also glad I bought an extra ball of yarn because I had to go into it a few yards. So now almost all the goodies I am sending out are in a neat little pile waiting to be packed up.

Waiting for my Sockapalooza pieces and parts to arrive I needed something busy to work on. So I decided to cast on that hat with the yarn I recently dyed. I cast on at the crown and increased and am now knitting down until it's the right length. I love the pooling I am getting. I think this one's asking for a rolled edge. It's so silly. Red and yellow stripes... my poor children, this one's for me.

I worked a tiny bit on PeeWee's dress, too. (this did not make the photograph because it's sitting on the couch) For some reason I am purling like my fingers are stuck in molasses. The knitting is quick then the purl rows... whoa, do they drag on and on and on. I did the decreases after the flirty little ruffle and now I am working on plain stockinette for a few more inches. It's working like I pictures and when there's visible progress and it starts to make visual sense I'll post a photo.