Thursday, June 28, 2007


I am a TV junkie. I am hooked on the History Channel, Court TV, DIY Network and BBC America mainly. I think that's why I knit so much lately, there's no TV in my studio. It's pitiful, but I know I would be in there much more if there was a TV. But, with a 2 year old under foot most of the day I can't do much in the way of messy work without her very occupied, so knitting it has been lately. Being out of town without TV, I always realise just how often it is on at our house. Not something most people admit to, but, hey, I watch mine.

Why all this mention of TV all of a sudden? Except that I am pretty sure TV time is a big knitting time in most people's day, I have been catching some of the best shows, some with some real inspiration. I really like Allison Whitlock, and now she has a show on DIY Network, Uncommon Threads, which I have caught a few times and really enjoyed.

Yessum, the TV is on right now, I am watching Knitty Gritty. I like it too. There's an issue on making up your own knits, something I always need to know more about. Check this out, it's the workpage for the knits she did. There are also a bunch of links to other knitting calculators. Looks like good reference!

Here are the sweater and pants, I am oh so happy with the way they turned out. What a treat that was! I am not always thrilled with what I make, so to have used reference points and come up with something I think is cool makes me happy. And I think PeeWee will get a bunch of wear out of it when the weather's cool. Cascade 220 superwash, loving it lately! The blue is perfect, I love the way the collar falls when it's on too. All around winner.

The sockapalooza socks make me happy too, I am all about cables lately.I have a month left to finish them, and I don't see any problems with that at this point. August 2nd is the mail date, it's exciting to think of a thousand socks flying around the world that day.

Here's the super simple sweater I started. Details later, but I figured I better include a picture. Of course it's blazing hot here and knitting with wool is losing it's appeal. This one may sit aside for a bit while I work on some preemie hats next. I should have the socks packed to be mailed soon, and as soon as I do that I can work on my goals. When I wrote them they sounded so simple! Now when I look at that list I realise so much of the summer has passed! Better wrap some things up soon!